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With the session over I have been busy in the district.  I actually had a parade and an Armed Forces monument dedication ceremony at LaGrange.  It was also a celebration for LaGrange’s 175 years as a community.  I have also been very busy getting my crops planted.


I hope everyone took time to attend a Memorial Day ceremony to honor our soldiers who have fought to protect our freedoms that so many take for granted.


Overall, it was a very successful session to help make Missouri a better place to live, work and raise a family.  We have been able to actually cut taxes for some against some of the liberal’s tax and spend wishes.  By holding the line on taxes and actually cutting taxes for some we will be able to keep more senior citizens in the state after they retire.  We will also be able to keep and hopefully draw more businesses to our state.  We have tried to keep a business friendly tax climate in our state, unlike what has been proposed in Illinois.  We would welcome those jobs on this side of the river!  Like I have always said jobs and businesses help build our tax base to help our local government, schools, libraries, etc.


Along that line we passed the Quality Jobs Act that takes an innovative approach by providing incentives to employers who provide quality jobs.  This allows us to build on the success we’ve had in transforming Missouri from a state ranked first in the nation in job loss to one that has seen more than 93,000 new jobs created in the last two years.


The sound fiscal policies implemented in the recent years have resulted in a robust economy for Missouri that has allowed us to turn this state around from a billion dollar shortfall under the Holden administration, to having a surplus that enabled us to set aside about $200 Million for potential emergency situations in the future.  Despite the liberal cries to spend it all we know that we can’t take this prosperity for granted.  This will leave the state a safety net so when the next downturn in the economy happens, hopefully the legislature will not have to cut needed services or raise taxes.


As always, you can feel free to contact me for any reason.  I can be reached at (573) 751-7985 or at