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Nixon Shaken As Pro-Abortion Agenda Exposed by Radio Ad

Nixon Shaken As Pro-Abortion Agenda Exposed by Radio Ad


            JEFFERSON CITY _ Jay Nixon is shaken and running for cover after his pro-abortion positions were exposed by The Associated Press in response to a Missouri Republican Party radio commercial contrasting Gov. Matt Blunt’s pro-life policies with Nixon’s.


            The AP story from today forces Nixon, through a campaign spokesman, to admit that he supports “reproductive rights,” which is Democrat-speak for abortion. But when asked to elaborate on Nixon’s position on abortion, the spokesman inexplicably “declined to elaborate.”  Nixon also is refusing to elaborate on his support for partial birth abortion, refusing to elaborate on his views about Planned Parenthood’s attempt to overturn a new state law to keep abortion providers out of Missouri schools and refusing to elaborate on his views about Missouri Right to Life and other pro-life organizations.


            “Jay Nixon’s blatant unwillingness to clearly and honestly tell Missourians that he supports abortion on demand, a position he has consistently taken, makes clear that he will do or say anything to try to get elected governor,” said Paul Sloca, communications director for the Missouri Republican Party. “Missourians should expect a candidate for governor to articulate coherent positions on important issues rather than trying to mislead voters. The fact that Jay is ashamed of his pro-abortion stance is no excuse for refusing to tell Missourians that he stands with radical groups like Planned Parenthood and NARAL and not with the average pro-life Missourian.”


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