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JEFFERSON CITY – Senator Wes Shoemyer, D-Clarence, today expressed support for Governor Blunt’s proposal to call a special legislative session this year to pass a revised Quality Jobs bill.  The governor recently vetoed House Bill 327, which expanded the Quality Jobs Act created in 2005.  Governor Blunt said he would call a special session if legislative leaders are willing to pass a more restrained bill that will achieve the good objectives of this legislation such as expanding the successful Quality Jobs program – while setting aside special projects and excessive spending items.


“I agree with the Governor’s call for a special session to pass a Quality Jobs bill that includes new market tax credits and enhanced enterprise zones,” Sen. Shoemyer said.  “I hope the Governor will expand his call to include $3 million in livestock tax credits to help retain the beef industry in Missouri.”


Sen. Shoemyer says Missouri producers export too many cattle before they are fully finished.  He says the livestock tax credits will help spawn interest in entities feeding cattle in Missouri.


Shoemyer is also calling on the Governor to include incentives for filling stations and convenience stores in Missouri to expand their ability to sell E-85 fuel in his proposed call for a special session.


“With the expansion of ethanol production in Missouri, we’ve created a bottleneck in the flow of fuel because too many filling stations and convenience stores can’t afford to install new E-85 pumps,” Shoemyer said.  “I’m asking the Governor to include $3 million in incentives to install new fuel pumps so we can get rid of the bottleneck.”


Shoemyer says the state also needs to enhance its advocacy of ethanol use by stressing the use of this clean-burning fuel as patriotic.


“We see all these gold ribbons on cars showing the patriotism of the drivers, but supporting ethanol is patriotic too because it means less reliance on foreign sources of oil,” Shoemyer said.  “We need to stop sending money to the people who are shooting at our men and women in uniform.”