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Dancing Rabbit News

This is Alyssa reporting the news from Dancing Rabbit for the past week.

Our newest residents, the Carleton family, arrived from New York in a large,

yellow moving truck Monday evening, adding two new adults and three new

children to our population. The Carleton’s moved directly into Dan’s old

house and already to me feel as if they are an integral part of our


Tuesday was Brian’s 23rd birthday as well as "Larkspur Day". We celebrated

Brian’s birthday with a song and chocolate cake at potluck dinner and

"Larkspur Day" with an open house at the home, aptly named, Larkspur. Bear

and I started building Larkspur just one year prior and wanted to welcome

folks into our home to acknowledge the completion of one year’s work as well

as show off our home. At one point, I counted some 20 people in our house

as well as a handful of folks sitting outside. For me, it was wonderful to

recognize all our hard work in the past year as well as share the space with

others. Soon enough, we will be joined in Larkspur by a newborn, so it

seemed timely to feel as if the house is more complete.

Amy C., Rachel, Liat, Suzanne, myself as well as our neighbors both Judy and

Danette all brought their handiwork to Sewing Night on Thursday night. Amy

C. was working on a skirt she started back during her visitor time here in

April with fabric bought from Zimmerman’s store. Both Rachel and Liat were

working on quilted curtains for Skyhouse and Larkspur windows, respectively.

Suzanne was knitting a scarf while I was knitting a wool diaper cover.

And even in the midst of all that, there was lots of socializing and

catching up.

Bear and I had a nice surprise on Friday afternoon when Oakwood Industries

called to let us know that our new rocking chair was ready to be picked up.

A good friend recently gave the rocker to us as a gift for use with the new

baby and we couldn’t wait to get it into our home! Thanks so much to Eugene

Oberholtzer as well as everyone at Oakwood for their excellent service and

beautiful work.

A dedicated group of bowlers headed into Kirksville Friday night to try

their hand at a few games. I am told a good time was had by all.

Rachel and Tony attended the NEMO democrats picnic in Memphis Saturday

afternoon. The rest of us, well we worked on finding ways to keep cool in

the heat. August has certainly started off warm and I find myself again

looking forward to the days when I might need to light a fire to keep warm.

In the meantime, we all continue to reap the harvest of summer in the garden

with produce like tomatoes, cucumbers and squash coming in everyday. I

suppose the heat is worth it for that!

Sunday evening we all gathered to say goodbye to Suzanne as she leaves for

Portland this week. Even with cake in hand, I can’t pretend to be happy

about her departure. I hope she finds her fill of city life and returns to

us refreshed and in short while.

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is a nonprofit and a residential community that

demonstrates ecological sustainability in Rutledge, MO. Feel free to come

out for our next tour Saturday, August 11th at 1:00 PM–email or call first

to let us know how many people are coming.