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Burgtorf Tops $1,200 USRA Modified Feature at the Pepsi Scotland County Speedway

Burgtorf Tops $1,200 USRA Modified Feature at the Pepsi Scotland County Speedway


by Brian Neal

Memphis, MO (August 11) – The racing action on the track at the Pepsi Scotland County Speedway in Memphis, MO was just as hot as the air temperature. Taking home feature wins on KRNQ Radio Night were Mark Burgtorf (USRA Modifieds), Matt Greiner (USRA Stock Cars), Jim Gillenwater (USRA B-Modifieds), Jason McDaniel (USRA Hobby Stocks), Beau Taylor (Outlaw Hobby Stocks), Lew Aikman (Hornets) and Dennis Schulte (Pro Hornets).


The first feature of the night was the 12 lap USRA Stock Cars, with Butch Bailey and Mark Holt on the front row. Holt would take advantage of his front row start to grab the the lead on the drop of the green flag. Holt then held the top spot until lap 3, when Matt Greiner slipped by for the lead. Greiner would go on to lead the final 9 laps to claim his sixth win of the season at Memphis. Holt was second, Bailey would finish in third, Brian Jackson was fourth, with Kale Foster rounding out the top five. Greiner made a sweep of the night by taking home the heat race win.


Up next was the 10 lap Hornet feature, with Donnie DeMint and Andrew Hustead leading the field to the drop of the green. Hustead jumped out front on lap 1 and then held it until lap 7, when Lew Aikman slipped under him for the to spot. Aikman then held off Hustead over the final 3 laps to pick up his second win in a row at the speedway. Jeff DeLonjay was third, DeMint held on for fourth, with Dalton McCartney coming home in fifth. Heat race winners were Aikman and DeLonjay.


Mark Burgtorf and Jody Wood drew the front row for the $1,200 to win 18 lap USRA Modified feature, with Burgtorf grabbing the lead on lap 1. Burgtorf continued to lead, when a red flag came out on lap 3 for a six car pile-up on the front stretch. Matt Greiner, Dennis Elliott, Michael Long and David Wietholder were done for the night, while Ryan Meyer and Richie Gustin Jr, were able to restart at the tail of the field. Burgtorf again jumped out front on the restart, with Tony Fraise, who started tenth, now challenging him for the top spot. Fraise’s night would end on lap 8 with mechanical problems, allowing Burgtorf to pull away for the win. Scott Dickey finished in second, Wood held on for third, Martin Bennett was fourth, with Meyer coming back to finish in fifth. Long and Bennett took home the heat race wins.


For the second week in a row the Outlaw Hobby Stock feature was the best of the night. Josh Soper and Rodger Dresden led the field to the drop of the green flag, with Soper grabbing the lead on lap 1. Soper’s night ended on lap 2 with mechanical troubles, giving the lead over to Dresden. Dresden then worked to hold off Beau Taylor, who started ninth, and Jim Lynch. Taylor jumped to the outside of Dresden on lap 9 to take over the top spot, with Dresden trying to work back into the lead on the bottom. Taylor slipped in turn two on the final lap, allowing Dresden to get ahead going down the backstretch. Dresden took the top side going into turn three, while Taylor worked the bottom. The two came off of four side-by-side with Taylor edging out Dresden at the line by inches. Lynch settled for third, Tony Becerra was fourth, with Brandon Symmonds coming back to finish in fifth. Heat race winners were Jeff Soper and Taylor.


Dennis Schulte moved out front on lap 1 of the 8 lap Pro Hornet feature, with Brent Hartley close behind in second. Schulte would go on to lead all 8 laps to claim his second win in a row at the track. Hartley was second, with Jayson Barnes in third. Hartley would claim the heat race win.


The 15 lap USRA B-Modified feature would finish just like the Outlaw Hobby Stock feature, with a last lap pass to determine the winner. Joe Hooper and Adam Birck drew the front row for the event, with Hooper moving out front on lap 1. Hooper then had to work to hold off Josh Larson, until lap 13 when Larson clipped a tire going for the lead. On the restart, Hooper now had Jim Gillenwater and Wyatt Lantz, who started tenth, on his back bumper. Hooper, in the middle, Gillenwater, down low, and Lantz, up top, came off of turn four three wide, with Gillenwater taking the win by inches over Hooper and Lantz. Birck held on for fourth, with Jeff Waterman coming home in fifth. Heat race winners were Hooper and Larson.


The final feature of the night was the 15 lap USRA Hobby Stock feature, with Jason McDaniel and Derek Kirkland drawing the front row for the event. McDaniel would take advantage of his starting spot to grab the lead on lap 1. McDaniel then worked to hold off Bill Gibson and Mike Shelton over the final laps to claim the win. Louis Lynch would come home fourth, with Mike Leffler rounding out the top five. Kirkland topped the heat race.


Coming up next week at the Pepsi Scotland County Speedway will be Fan Appreciation Night presented by Ottumwa Radio KRKN / KISS / KTWA. Admission into the grandstand for Adult, Seniors and Juniors is only $5, with Kids 11 and under Free. Bring the kids out as there will be a candy and nickel toss, rides in race cars, bicycle races, popsicles and many giveaways.


The battle for the USRA Casey’s General Stores Weekly Racing Series national and track points continues in the Modifieds, Stock Cars, B-Modifieds, Hobby Stocks and Outlaw Hobby Stocks. Also joining the action will be the Hornets and the Mid-America 305 Sprints.

The Modifieds will be going for a top prize of $1,000, while the Stock Cars, B-Modifieds, Hobby Stocks and Outlaw Hobby Stocks will be gunning for $400 to win. Gate next week will open at 5 p.m., hot laps at 6:30 and the first race to follow.


USRA Casey’s General Stores Weekly Racing Series
Pepsi Scotland County Speedway, Memphis, MO
KRNG 96.3 Night
Saturday, August 11, 2007


Heat 1: 1. 18-Michael Long, Quincy, IL; 2. 29-Dennis Elliott, Mt. Ayr, IA; 3. 40-Scott Dickey, Packwood, IA; 4. 19G-Richie Gustin Jr., Gilmar, IA; 5. 45-Tony Fraise, Donnellson, IA; 6. 82M-Ryan Meyer, Liberty, IL; 7. 05-David Wietholder, Liberty, IL; 8. 97-Jerry Asher, Kirksville, MO
Heat 2: 1. 99-Martin Bennett, Ankeny, IA; 2. 69M-Mark Burgtorf, Quincy, IL; 3. 29x-Matt Greiner, Washington, IA; 4. z4-Jody Wood, Donnellson, IA; 5. 49-Todd Bates, Canton, IL; 6. 2R-Jerry Reese, Baring, MO; 7. 9-Charles Baker, Labelle, MO
Feature: 1. 69M-Burgtorf; 2. 40-Dickey; 3. z4-Wood; 4. 99-Bennett; 5. 82M-Meyer; 6. 49-Bates; 7. 9-Baker; 8. 97-Asher; 9. 45-Fraise; 10. 19G-Gustin Jr., 11. 29x-Greiner; 12. 29-Elliott; 13. 18-Long; 14. 05-Wietholder; 15. 2R-Reese


Heat: 1. 29-Matt Greiner, Washington, IA; 2. 11-Mark Holt, Memphis, MO; 3. 111-Butch Bailey, Novelty, MO; 4. 79J-Brian Jackson, Moravia, IA; 5. 44-Kale Foster, Quincy, IL; 6. 1c-Clell Evans, Kirksville, MO
Feature: 1. 29-Greiner; 2. 11-Holt; 3. 111-Bailey; 4. 79J-Jackson; 5. 44-Foster; 6. 1c-Evans


Heat 1: 1. 1-Joe Hooper, Mendon, IL; 2. 71-Jeff Waterman, Quincy, IL; 3. 10-Jim Gillenwater, Keokuk, IA; 4. 86-Jerry Poor, Novelty, MO; 5. 22-Wyatt Lantz, Bowen, IL
Heat 2: 1. 44-Josh Larson, Keokuk, IA; 2. 12-Adam Birck, Canton, MO; 3. 77-Jared Fuller, Memphis, MO; 4. 19-Jason Riegel, Memphis, MO; 5. 88-Brian Clark, Canton, MO
Feature: 1. 10-Gillenwater; 2. 1-Hooper; 3. 22-Lantz; 4. 12-Birck; 5. 71-Waterman; 6. 19-Riegel; 7. 88-Clark; 8. 86-Poor; 9. 77-Fuller; 10. 44-Larson


Heat: 1. 2k-Derek Kirkland, Centerville, IA; 2. 85-Jason McDaniel, Eldon, IA; 3. 71-Louis Lynch, Glenwood, MO; 4. 16-Mike Shelton, Ottumwa, IA; 5. 38-Bill Gibson, Knoxville, IA; 6. 21x-Curtis Barnes, Greentop, MO; 7. 88-Mike Leffler, Ankeny, IA; 8. 8R-Clayton Robbins, Liberty, MO; 9. 07-Ernie Bunch, Kirksville, MO
Feature: 1. 85-McDaniel; 2. 38-Gibson; 3. 16-Shelton; 4. 71-Lynch; 5. 88-Leffler; 6. 21x-Barnes; 7. 07-Bunch; 8. 2k-Kirkland; 9. 8R-Robbins


Heat 1: 1. 43s-Jeff Soper, Kahoka, MO; 2. 8-Brandon Symmonds, Keokuk, IA; 3. 23-Larry Hooper, Wyaconda, MO; 4. 4L-Jim Lynch, Donnellson, IA; 5. 1-Rodger Dresden, Keokuk, IA; 6. 22-Bobby Six, Keokuk, IA; 7. 87-Jeff Hamlin, Memphis, MO
Heat 2: 1. 2T-Beau Taylor, Canton, MO; 2. 3x-Tony Becerra, Carthage, IL; 3. 8s-Josh Soper, Kahoka, MO; 4. 9R-Jon Rooney, Donnellson, IA; 5. 24J-Justin Hamelton, Hamilton, IL; 6. 59-Jakoby Hooper, Kahoka, MO; 7. 3B- Chris Hibbard
Feature: 1. 2T-Taylor; 2. 1-Dresden; 3. 4L-Lynch; 4. 3x-Becerra; 5. 8-Symmonds; 6. 43s-Jeff Soper; 7. 23-L. Hooper; 8. 24J-Hamelton; 9. 9R-Rooney; 10. 59-J. Hooper; 11. 8s-Josh Soper; 12. 87-Hamlin; 13. 22-Six; 14. 3B-Hibbard


Heat 1: 1. 66-Lew Aikman, Hannibal, MO; 2. 20-Andrew Hustead, Rutledge, MO; 3. 4T-Donnie DeMint, Basco, IL; 4. 62-Ethan Hustead, Rutledge, MO; 5. 3D-Dane Fenton, Burlington, IA
Heat 2: 1. 32-Jeff DeLonjay, Quincy, IL; 2. 6-Luke Davidson, Argyle, IA; 3. 11D-Dalton McCartney, Kirksville, MO; 4. 26-Jim Garrett, Ottumwa, IA; 5. 77Q-J.D. Murphy, Cincinnati, IA
Feature: 1. 66-Aikman; 2. 20-A. Hustead; 3. 32-DeLonjay; 4. 4T-DeMint; 5. 11D-McCartney; 6. 3D-Fenton; 7. 62-E. Hustead; 8. 77Q-Murphy; 9. 6-Davidson; 10. 26-Garrett


Heat: 1. 00-Brent Hartley, Niota, IL; 2. 0-Dennis Schulte, Keokuk, IA; 3. 13-Jayson Barnes, Alexandria, MO
Feature: 1. 0-Schulte; 2. 00-Hartley; 3. 13-Barnes