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By: Tony Paris


(Bloomfield, Iowa) August 17th The month of August is almost gone and the racing season is coming to a end for the Mountain-Dew Bloomfield Speedway with the season championships being decided next week August 24th. The action at the Bloomfield Speedway has been the most exciting racing in southeast Iowa with three and four wide action in all five weekly classes. With the Casey’s General Store USRA Weekly Racing Series along with another visit from the Mid-America 305 Winged Sprint Car Series with a total of 75 cars in the pit area.

            The first feature of the night was the USRA stock cars always putting on a show and thrilling the crowd Colt Mather of Webster along with Matt Greiner of Washington  battled for the lead with Nathan Wood of Keswick and Ben Jones of Williamsburg  racing for the third spot. All four drivers tried for the top spot with Mather holding off several challenges to take the victory. In the runner-up spot was Greiner with Wood taking third and Jones in fourth.

            In the Kollision Korner Hornet feature Dale Porter took another win his second  straight win. A hard crash brought the red flag out stopping the action with three cars making contact and ending the night for Kevin Garrett, David Probasco and Keith Engle all drivers walked away unhurt. When action resumed Gene Irwin and Jim Garrett battled for the second spot with Irwin taking second followed by Jim Garrett in third and first time visit from Steve Williams of Hedrick taking fourth.

          The 360 9:1 B-Modifieds had another repeat winner with Andrew Schroeder taking the checkers. Mike Wanders of Oskaloosa took the second spot with Paul Underwood of Ottumwa in third and Jared Miller of West Des Moines taking te fourth spot.

            The USRA Hobby Stock division saw Mike Shelton of Ottumwa take the lead and pace the field the first fifteen laps before Jason McDaniel of Eldon would chase down the leader and bring the crowd to it`s feet with McDaniel and Shelton going wheel-to-wheel off turn four and raced to the checkers. McDaniel would take the win by less than three inches at the start finish line. Shelton took the second spot  with Don Nunnikhoven of Sully taking the third spot followed by Dustin Griffiths of Ottumwa in fourth.   

            In the Spilman’s Auto Parts USRA A-Modifieds Colt Mather made his first appearance in a brand new skyrocket modified and took the money along with trophy in the feature. Mather`s win capped off a great night with two win coming in two tough divisions. Scott Dickey and Dennis Elliott battled for the second spot with the two drivers making contact on the final lap with the 40 of Dickey spinning and Brandon Banks picking up the second spot followed by Elliott in third and John Fellman of Blue Grass making his first appearance a good one with a fourth place finish.

            The Mid-America 305 Winged Sprints capped off the night and looked to have the smoothest race going green to checkered but Monte Hill of Fairfield would spin in turns one and two on the fifteenth lap setting up a green, white and checkers shootout. Chad Huston of Jamesport, Mo. paced the field all the way for his first ever sprint car win. Josh Padellford of Pleasantville would finish third after running second all the way till the caution flag flew with Bob Lamb of Mitchellville making the pass on Padellford on the restart to take the second spot with Padellford in third and Louis Lynch of Glenwood, Mo. in fourth.

            The preacher feature saw Ron Reynoldson of the First Pentecostal Church from Ottumwa to take the win.

            Next weeks action at the Mountain-Dew Bloomfield Speedway will cap off another great year at the fast 3/8 mile speedway. The battle for USRA Casey’s General Stores Weekly Racing Series track points will come to an end, with the crowning of the 2007 Track Champions. In action will be the Modifieds, Stock Cars, B-Modifieds, Hobby Stocks, Kollision Korner Hornets. Also joining the card will be the Mid-America 305 Sprints and the USRA Late Models, battling for the first ever USRA National point Championship. This will be one of the most exciting nights at the Mountain-Dew Bloomfield Speedway with fans getting to see all types of classes in action you will get your monies worth on this night.   




Heat#1-1.34-Josh Padellford, Pleasantville 2.7H-Chad Huston, Jamesport, Mo. 3.71-Louis Lynch, Glenwood, Mo. 4.23K-Rob Kubli, Milo 5.7-Tasker Phillips, Knoxville 6.07-Clint Leedom, Ottumwa  7.55-Matt Stephenson, Des Moines


Heat#2-1.6-Mitchell Alexander, Knoxville 2.47-Bob Lamb, Mitchellville 3.0-mike Mayberry, Fremont 4.48-Monte Hill, Fairfield 5.87-Clae Hutchings, Fairfield 6.22-Logan Trueblood, Memphis, Mo. 7.7W-Mark Widmar, Ottumwa    


A-Feature 1.7H-Huston 2.47-Lamb 3.34-Padellford 4.71-Lynch 5.55-Stephenson 6.23K-Kubli 7.0-Mayberry 8.7-Phillips 9.6-Alexander 10.07-Leedom 11.22-Trueblood 12.87-Hutchings 13.48-Hill 14.7w-Widmar




Heat#1-1.61-Ryan Moore, Centerville 2.26-Jim Garrett, Ottumwa 3.77-David Probasco, Moulton 4.88-Gene Irwin, Bloomfield 5.29-Kevin Garrett 6.15-Keith Engle, Moravia 7.49-Steve Williams, Hedrick 8.31-Dale Porter, Pulaski


A-Feature 1.31-Porter 2.88-Irwin 3.26-Garrett 4.49-Williams 5.61-Moore 6.15-Engle 7.77-Probasco 8.29-Garrett




Heat#1-1.80-Jim Walker, Mystic 2.85-Jason McDaniel, Eldon 3.5S-Rusty Sands, Unionville, Mo. 4.77-Cody Pickens, Bloomfield 5.34f-Robby Sands, Centerville 6.11-Brad Prado Jr., Ottumwa 7.65-Dale Porter, Pulaski 8.61N-Nathan Olinger,Floris


Heat#2-1.5N-Don Nunnikhoven, Sully 2.84-Danny Thrasher, Agency 3.16-Mike Shelton, Ottumwa 4.10G-Dustin Griffiths, Ottumwa 5.01s-Shawn Smothers, Oskaloosa  6.74-Shannon  Sample, Milton 7.55-Ricky Wilson, Ottumwa


A-Feature 1.85-McDaniel 2.16-Shelton 3.5N-Nunnikhoven 4.10G-Griffiths 5.84-Thrasher 6.5S-Sands 7.80-Walker 8.34F-Sands 9.01S-smothers 10.77-Pickens 11.74-Sample 12.55-Wilson 13.11-Prado 14.61N-Olinger 15.65-Porter




Heat#1-1.02-Andrew Schroeder, Keswick 2.44-Mike Wanders, Oskaloosa 3.9-Jared Miller, West Des Moines 4.23-Gary Harward, Floris 5.27-Ken Bryant, Ottumwa 6.1-Paul Underwood, Ottumwa


A-Feature 1.02-Schroeder 2.44-Wanders 3.1-Underwood 4.9-Miller 5.23-Harward 6.27-Bryant




Heat#1-1.73M-Tyler McClure, Floris 2.52-Nathan Wood, Keswick 3.29-Matt Greiner, Washington 4.4-Toby Johnson, Eldon 5.42-Ben Jones, Willimasburg 6.3M-Phil McClure, Floris 7.01I-Mike Harward, Floris 8.01-Lonnie Taylor, Bloomfield


Heat#2-1.8-Colt Mather, Webster 2.79-Chris Hawkins, Drakesville 3.78R-Mike Robinson, Moravia 4.34-Pat Rachels, Knoxville 5.79J-Brian Jackson, Moravia 6.55-David Boas, Bloomfield 7.44R-Tanya Sederburg, Fairfield


A-Feature 1.8-Mather 2.29-Greiner 3.52-Wood 4.42-Jones 5.73M-McClure 6.01I-Harward 7.3M-McClure 8.79-Hawkins 9.4-Johnson 10.79J-Jackson 11.01-Taylor 12.44R-Sederburg 13.78R-Robinson 14.34-Rachels 15.55-Boas




Heat#1-1.29-Dennis Elliott, Mt. Ayr 2.8-Colt Mather, Webster  3.22-Brandon Banks, Washington  4.7R-Jerry Pilcher, Ottumwa 5.20-John Fellman, Blue Grass 6.4X-Drew Lawson, Oskaloosa 7.77-Jim Lynch, Bloomfield 8.9X-Charles Baker, Labelle, Mo.


Heat#2-1.17-Steve Stewart, Washington 2.40-Scott Dickey, Packwood 3.14R-Jim Redmann, Lockridge  4.37-Todd Holman, Ottumwa 5.46X-Tyler Vandekamp, Knoxville 6.5S-Dave Snyder, Greentop, Mo. 7.Z4-Jody Wood, Donnellson 8.94-Steve Blattler, Oskaloosa


A-Feature 1.8-Mather 2.22-Banks 3.29-Elliott 4.20-Fellman 5.7R-Pilcher 6.46X-Vandekamp 7.37-Holman 8.9X-Baker 9.40-Dickey 10.17-Stewart 11.4x-Lawson 12.14R-Redmann 13.5S-Snyder 14.77-Lynch 15.Z4-Wood  16.94-Blattler  

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