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Marriage Licenses Waiting Period Eliminated

Beginning August 28, 2007, couples getting married in the state of Missouri will no longer have to make two trips to the County Recorder of Deeds office.
Upon application, a couple may obtain their license the same day they apply, if they will be married within 30 days.
Previously, the bride and groom were required to appear before the recorder of Deeds to make application and wait three days and return to the Recorder’s office to pick up the license.
Elimination of the three-day waiting period will save time and expense to couples by not having to return to the recorder’s office to pick up their license.
Additionally, couples will not have to obtain a waiver of the three-day waiting period from a circuit judge, thereby saving the time and expense of providing the waivers.
This change in the law will be especially beneficial to military personnel and others wishing to obtain a marriage license while on limited leave time.
Missouri follows over thirty other states that have already eliminated the three-day waiting requirement and allows the couple to take their license with them at the time of application.  In Missouri, a marriage license is valid for thirty days after issue.