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McCaskill Falls to Pressure, Returns Dirty Money Despite Arrogantly Defending It

McCaskill Falls to Pressure, Returns Dirty Money Despite Arrogantly Defending It


     JEFFERSON CITY_ Days after arrogantly defending $20,000 in donations she received from associates of disgraced Democrat contributor Norman Hsu, Claire McCaskill today fell to pressure from Hillary Clinton and scrutiny from Missouri Republicans by agreeing to return the tainted cash.


            After Clinton returned more than $850,000 in Hsu contributions, McCaskill suddenly decided to return her money “as the cloud of suspicion has grown surrounding contributions from people connected to Hsu,” The Associated Press reported.  The sudden change in McCaskill comes four days after she told The AP she would not return the money: “I received no money from Norman Hsu. I will always return or donate to charity any money my campaign receives that has been shown to be illegal or from people with criminal allegations or history,” she said.


            “Claire McCaskill’s ridiculous and untruthful excuse for why she is finally giving this money back is an insult to Missourians because these contributions were as dirty last week when she was vigorously defending them as they are this week when her political soul mate Hillary Clinton pressured her to return them,” said Paul Sloca, communications director for the Missouri Republican Party. “Claire McCaskill is a follower, not a leader, and today she proved that point loud and clear.”  


            McCaskill’s contributions came from people linked to Hsu including the family of William Paw of Daly City, Calif. Paw, a San Francisco mail carrier, and his family live in a modest home that Hsu once listed as belonging to him. The FBI is currently investigating Hsu and his associates in connection with the donations to McCaskill, Clinton and other senior Democrats.