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Governor Announces Creation of 93,000 More, Family-Supporting Jobs


Family-Supporting Jobs

Missourians Respond to Governor Blunt’s Pro-Growth Policies,

Create 11,000 New Jobs in August

Governor Blunt is committed to enacting pro-growth policies that lead to

the creation of high quality, family-supporting jobs. When he took office,


was leading the nation in job loss. Governor Blunt immediately took steps

to end the flow of jobs out of Missouri and signed legislation that

attracts new

companies to Missouri and encourages existing companies to create new, high

quality jobs. Governor Blunt announced today that since January 2005,


have added 93,000 more jobs to Missouri’s job market.

"This was an outstanding month for job creation fueled by the tireless

efforts of Missouri workers," Blunt said. "I have seen their dedication

firsthand in

visits I have made to communities and worksites throughout our state that

have reinforced the fact that our pro-jobs, pro-growth initiatives are

making a

difference. We will continue doing everything we can to help create jobs

and opportunities for all Missourians."

Governor Blunt signed the Quality Jobs Act in 2005, which provides

incentives for companies to create jobs with good pay levels and health

benefits. In its

first two years, the Quality Jobs Act led to the creation of 17,000 new

jobs. This summer, Governor Blunt enacted legislation to expand the Quality

Jobs Act

and support the continued creation of new jobs for Missouri families.

The Governor also enacted lawsuit reform measures to make Missouri a more

jobs-friendly place and signed workers’ compensation reform to end abuse of


system and protect it for those who need it most.