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Clinton Loss a Reflection of Nixon’s Flagging Fortunes in Missouri

Clinton Loss a Reflection of Nixon’s Flagging Fortunes in Missouri


            JEFFERSON CITY _ Hillary Clinton’s popular vote loss in Missouri doesn’t bode well for Jay Nixon, whose longtime allegiance to the Clintons combined with his longtime problems in the African American community spell trouble for his dormant gubernatorial campaign if Clinton becomes the nominee.


            “Hillary Clinton’s loss spells big trouble for Jay Nixon whose longtime support for the Clinton’s combined with his problems in the African American community are coming back to haunt him,” said Paul Sloca, communications director for the Missouri Republican Party. “African Americans long ago abandoned Jay Nixon and their growing disenchantment with Hillary Clinton is disastrous news for Nixon.”


            Nixon’s allegiance to the Clintons is tied to his broken promise to African Americans in 1992 when he pledged to move away from a focus on litigation in the desegregation case. But by the close of Nixon’s first year in office, he had abandoned that pledge and created a wedge in the African American community that still exists today, which was evidenced by Senate Minority Leader Maida Coleman’s comments last week that his desegregation disgrace is “Jay’s legacy.”


            The Clinton connection to Nixon’s desegregation failure was clearly in evidence in 1997 when Bill Clinton was put in a tough spot when Congressman William Clay called on Clinton to cancel a fundraiser for Nixon. “In part, Mr. Nixon is reaping the harvest of an all-out legal campaign against school desegregation plans in St. Louis and Kansas City. He says he has never played politics with desegregation. But many are skeptical,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch wrote in an editorial on October 8, 1997. Meanwhile, then- St. Louis Alderman Freeman Bosley, Sr. sponsored a resolution that requested Clinton cancel the fundraising trip for Nixon.


            “Jay Nixon and Hillary Clinton have alienated African Americans and that is going to continue to cost them with urban voters who have long been victims of Democrat unfulfilled promises,” Sloca said.