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Dancing Rabbit News

 Tony here with the news from Dancing Rabbit and the Rabbit-land area.
Probably our most exciting news of the week happened on Kurt’s birthday.
Kurt turned 57 on Wednesday and we had a great time as Alline made cake
and badges for everyone that said Happy Birthday Kurt. But the big
excitement was having the Rutledge Fire Department stop by to help us
put out an uncontrolled grass fire that burnt almost 10 acres on our
land. While there were rumors that Kurt’s birthday candles had started
the fire, the truth was that a brush pile being burned got out of
control and swept northward onto some of our CRP ground. No one was hurt
and no significant damage done but lessons were certainly learned. We
are very appreciative of our local volunteer fire department for their
help in getting the blaze under control.

Our newest resident Jeff arrived this week. Jeff visited us last year
but is just beginning his residency now that the weather has warmed up.
Welcome Jeff. Genevieve came back from a month away on the east coast
and shared a ride from Quincy with Jeff. In an odd coincidence both Jeff
and Genevieve had their luggage lost by the airline and greyhound but
the luggage has now made it safely as well.

We had a number of fun evenings this week including a sing-a-long on
Friday with Dan, Meadow, and Gen on guitar and a dozen or more of us
singing. We also had a game night include such parlor games as charades
and pictionary or the DR innovation of charadinary which involves one
person acting seen only by one person drawing and the rest trying to
guess (or in the reverse order for picturades). There was were plenty of
puzzled looks but plenty of laughter as well.

Laird from Sandhill came over to help us by facilitating a couple of
challenging meetings. We are very lucky to have other experienced
communitarians and skilled facilitators at Sandhill and Red Earth Farms
to provide some outside support when we need it (and we of course return
that support in kind).

There were a number of pulled muscles in necks and backs this week as
people launched out of their winter hibernation and got active for
spring. Luckily everyone seems to have healed quickly and they are back
out and about in their gardens, orchards, construction sites, and what not.

In other fire related news, some Rabbits were busy taking down an old
building in Rutledge to reuse the wood this week and were planning their
next trip when they got word that the house had burned down. I guess we
are keeping that fire department hopping.

We’re in rolling in to college class tour season as the local colleges
try to get in a visit to DR now that the weather has warmed up and
before school is out. We had folks from Wash U last week and journalism
students from Truman this time. This Saturday there is rumors of 2 or
even 3 classes coming out for a visit on top of our normal Saturday tour
which is the first normal tour of the year and promises to be a big
group. We hope to see you there!

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is an intentional community practicing
ecological sustainability in Rutledge, MO. Our first tour of the season
will be on Saturday, April 12th at 1pm. Please call ahead to let us know
if you plan to attend. For more information about Dancing Rabbit, please
see our website at or give us a call at (660)