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Macon and Monroe City Top So. Shelby Varsity Track Meet

 By David Sharp
Knox County picked up a silver and three bronze medals highlighting the Eagles’ participation in the April 1, 2008 South Shelby Invitational Track Meet.
Mitchell Pegg ran a 25.71 second 200 meters, Lorelei Schlueter clicked off a 14.16 second 100 meters and the Lady Eagles crossed the finish line in 2:04 seconds taking third in the girls’ 4x200m relay.
Tessa Ramer, Amanda Woods, Brady Bugh and Lorelei Schlueter were the Lady Eagles’ 800m relay runners.
Macon finished first in the girls’ standings with 116 team points. Palmyra took second with 97 points. South Shelby finished third with 80 girls’ points.
Amanda Woods, Tessa Ramer, Alena Koester and Lorelei Schlueter crossed the finish line in 58.09 seconds, good for Knox County silver medals in the girls’ 4x100m relay. Palmyra took first place in 55.78 seconds.
Remaining teams in order of girls’ finish were Mark Twain, Brookfield, Monroe City, Paris, Knox County (31 points), Marion County, Clark County (10 points) and North Shelby.
Monroe City racked up 90 boys’ points winning the team title. Macon was second overall with 82 points. South Shelby placed third with 76 points. Brookfield was fourth with 70 boys’ points.
Clark County placed fifth with 60 points. Palmyra, Mark Twain, Paris, Knox County (17 points). Marion County and North Shelby rounded out the boys’ field.
Jonathon Nutt won the boys’ long and triple jump events for Palmyra. Competitors were hampered by cold and windy conditions. Clark County took first in the boys’ 4×200 (1:39.12) and 4×400 meter (3:52.47 seconds) relay events
Javis Vineyard won the boys’ 100 meter dash for Clark County in 11.72 seconds. Mitchell Pegg placed fourth in the 100m dash for Knox County in 12:25 seconds. Erick Arnold was sixth for the Indians in 12:54 seconds. Clark County took sixth in the boys’ 4x800m relay in 10:56 seconds.
Clark County won the boys’ 4x200m relay event in 1:39.12 seconds. Cody Pegg, Brady James, Mitchell Pegg and Cameron Kirmse placed sixth for Knox County in 1:44.96 seconds.
Rob Schutte was fifth for Clark County in the boys’ long jump at 17’11”. The Indians completed their boys’ sprint relay sweep, winning the 400m relay race in 48.13 seconds.
Cody Pegg, Cameron Kirmse, Jacob Moots and Mitchell Pegg were fourth for Knox County in the boys’ 4x100m relay in 49.78 seconds. Mark Twain runner Jon Hughes won the boys’ 400m dash in 56.12 seconds.
Cody Pegg was fifth for Knox County in 58.81 seconds. Michael Brennan was fourth for Clark County in the shot put at 40′ 2 ½”.
Kayla Buschling took fourth in the girls’ high jump for Clark County at 4’6″. KCHS senior Alena Koester tied for fifth with two other competitors at 4’4″.
Suzanne Howerton, Lorrie Peters, Katie Ausmus and Brady Bugh placed sixth for Knox County in the girls’ 4x800m relay with a time of 12:11.90 seconds.
Danielle Boulware captured the girls’ long jump gold medal for Palmyra at 16’7″. Amanda Woods was fourth for Knox County at 13’11”.
Kelli Alexander broke the tape in the girls’ 100m dash, winning for Brookfield in 13.40 seconds. Lorelei Schlueter was third for Knox County in 14.16 seconds.
Palmyra won the girls’ 4x200m relay in 1:58.60 seconds. Tessa Ramer, Amanda Woods, Brady Bugh and Lorelei Schlueter captured KCHS bronze medals in 2:04 seconds. Clark County placed sixth at 2:07.40 seconds.
Britni Bertelli was fourth for Clark County in the girls’ 300m hurdles at 57.59 seconds. Kelli Alexander completed the Brookfield girls’ sprint sweep with a 28.59 second gold medal time. Lorelei Schlueter battled leg tightness and finished fifth at 30.44 seconds.
Katie Ausmus placed fifth for Knox County in the girls’ 3200m run in 13:46.06 seconds. Suzanne Howerton, Lorrie Peters, Amanda Woods, and Tessa Ramer finished the girls’ 4×400 meter relay in 4:56.42 seconds placing sixth.