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Culver-Stockton College takes Art Trip to Chicago

Culver-Stockton College takes Art Trip to Chicago
CANTON, Mo. – Nine Culver-Stockton College students and two
faculty members went on an art trip to Chicago recently. The group
explored the vast art collection at the Art Institute of Chicago,
culture and natural history at the Field Museum, and marveled at the
architecture of the city’s buildings.
At the Art Institute of Chicago, the group spent hours getting lost in
the general splendor of the museum. Even though time was short,
students were excited to have the opportunity to see the famous and
priceless pieces of art.
“It was great,” said Caleb Bourn, a junior, fine arts major. “I got to
stand in front of Picasso.”
The Field Museum offered the group a different experience. Within its
walls, the Field Museum houses taxidermic animals from around the world,
information on climate trends of our planet, and archeology findings
including the largest and best preserved T-Rex in the world.
“The trip was a great opportunity for the students to explore large
museums,” said Robert Kennon, associate professor of art. “It was fun
just getting lost in the city, experiencing the different culture, and
admiring the diverse architecture.”
In March, Robert Kennon was invited to Quincy University for a
“One Man Art Show.” It is the second time Kennon has been recognized
with the honor. For the past five years, Kennon made a series of 50
religious abstract engravings and cut prints. For the art show, he
selected 35 pieces.
“Usually I work with a lot of color, but for this series I only used
black and white,” added Kennon. “It was fun to try something different
and get out of my norm.”
Next, Kennon plans to do a Stonehenge series that he estimates will take
at least 18 months to complete.