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Blessing Makes Wireless Internet Access Available to Patients & Visitors

 Blessing Makes Wireless Internet Access Available to Patients & Visitors

Wireless internet connection is no longer just a perk of hotels and restaurants. Patients and visitors at Blessing Hospital and the Blessing Health Center can now use their wireless-equipped laptop computers and other wireless devices to access the Internet. The wireless access is intended for use by patients, family members, visitors, physicians and customers within the Blessing Health System.

“We are pleased to offer wireless access as a convenient, free service for our customers to stay connected and productive while they are seeking healthcare,” explains Maureen Kahn, president/CEO, Blessing Hospital. “This service will allow our patients and family members to snap a photo of their new baby, for example, and e-mail it to friends; surf the Web for medical reference material; or stay connected to their offices through e-mail.”

Lea Ann Eickelschulte, administrative director, Information Systems, emphasized that the public wireless network does not allow access to the Hospital’s separate and secure network. This is a completely separate wireless network from our hospital network and there is no possibility of access to patient records and other sensitive files. Blessing has partnered with Wandering WiFi, a third party company, to provide the service and offer technical support.

The new service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in all patient rooms and waiting areas at Blessing Hospital’s main campus at Broadway and 11th Street, as well as in physician offices and waiting areas in the Blessing Health Center, which is adjacent to the Hospital in Quincy, IL. There is limited access in patient care areas located at the Broadway and 14th Street Campus.

Help Cards with instructions on how to access the public wireless network will be available in patient care areas and waiting rooms, including a card posted in each patient room.