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Lady Eagles Repeat As KC Relays Champs. Clark Co. Wins Boys Title

 Lady Eagles Repeat As KC Relays Champs.
Clark Co. Wins Boys Title
By David Sharp
Anchor runner Tessa Ramer nipped Marion County racer Jenny Mitchell at the finish line, winning the girls’
4×400 meter relay event at the 2008 Knox County Relays. Knox County captured the girls’ team championship for the second straight year. The Lady Eagles scored 98 team points downing conference rival Schuyler County. The Lady Rams scored 80.5 points.
Paris finished third in the final girls’ point standings with 80 points. Marion County was fourth with 65 team points. Scotland County took fifth place with 53.5 points. Clark County was sixth with 48 girls’ points.
Canton placed seventh with 40 points. North Shelby was next in line with 39 points. Brashear placed ninth with 27 girls’ points. Milan rounded out the girls’ field with no points. The top six finishers in each event earned Knox County Relays medals.
Clark County won the boys’ 4x400m relay nailing down the boys’ team championship with an impressive 145 points. Marion County finished second on the boys’ blotter with 76 points. Brashear was third at 69 points. North Shelby had a solid performance taking fourth with 64 points.
Knox County finished fifth in the final boys’ team standings with 43 points. Paris was sixth at 39 points. Milan was next at 30 points followed by Canton and Scotland County.
Amanda Woods had a strong meet for Knox County earning four gold medals. Woods won the girls’ long jump and was part of the Lady Eagles first place 4×100, 4×200 and 4×400 meter relay teams.
“It was really special bringing home the four gold medals at Knox (County), said the Lady Eagle junior track and field athlete. Weather conditions were among the best of this spring. “We haven’t had a nice meet like this in a long time,” said Amanda Woods.
“It helps a lot on times and distances. I don’t know what I would do without my teammates. The four of us is what it takes to get the wins,” said Woods.
Kelsay Heitmeyer of Paris won three individual gold medals in the 100 meter dash and both hurdling events. Javis Vineyard took the boys’ 100m dash and the long jump gold medals for Clark County. Jacob Rex won the boys 800 and 1600 meter running events for Milan.
Marion County won the girls’ 3200m relay in 11:08.81 seconds. Scotland County took the silver medals in 11:38 seconds. Lorrie Peters, Brady Bugh, Katie Ausmus and Suzanne Howerton won bronze meals for Knox County finishing third in 11:39 seconds.
Clark County was fourth in 12:09 seconds. Brashear 4x800m relay runners Abby McKim, Stephanie Elsea, Sydney Slavin and Shelbie Creason placed sixth in 14:08 seconds.
Paris runner Kelsey Heitmeyer won the girls’ 100m hurdles in 19.47 seconds. Brashear freshman Stephanie Elsea took the silver medal in 19.94 seconds. Knox County senior Jordin Luthenauer won a KC Relays bronze medal with a 20.13 second finish.
“We have got a young team that is doing really well,” said Jordin Luthenauer of her team championship. “We will be strong after our two seniors are gone.” Luthenauer and Alena Koester are the 2008 Lady Eagle track and field seniors.
“We have two boys’ seniors. Our senior group wasn’t very big, but we gave all the knowledge we could. I look forward to seeing what they can do in the next couple of years.” Andrew Sharp and Colton Deem are the Knox County boys’ track seniors.
Kelsay Heitmeyer won the 100m dash for Paris in 14.20 seconds. Brashear senior Hailee Kelsey won the silver medal for Brashear in 14.44 seconds. Clark County’s Kayla Buschling won a fourth place medal for Clark County at 14.78 seconds. Brady Bugh won the fifth place medal for Knox County in 15.06 seconds.
Tessa Ramer, Amanda Woods, Alena Koester, and Lorelei Schlueter won the 4x200m relay for Knox County in 2:00.33 seconds. Clark County finished fifth in 2:07.79 seconds. Adrienne Mountain, Stephanie Elsea, Shelbie Creason and Hailee Kelsey placed sixth for Brashear according to official results in 2:17.34 seconds.
Melanie Trenhaile won the girls’ 1600m run for North Shelby in 6:12 seconds. Katie Ausmus earned the silver medal for Knox County in 6:30 seconds. Katie Crabill was third for Marion County in 6:42.
Senior Jessi Hill placed fourth for Brashear with a 1600m time of 6:54 seconds. Jillian Wilson was fifth for Clark County in 7:07 seconds. Caitlyn Davis was sixth for the Lady Indians in 7:10 seconds.
Tessa Ramer, Amanda Woods, Alena Koester and Lorelei Schlueter crossed the 4x100m relay finish line first in 56.20 seconds winning Knox County gold medals. Clark County placed sixth in 1:02.06 seconds and Brashear placed seventh.
Kirsten Johnston won the girls’ 400m dash for Scotland County in 1:06.03 seconds. Suzanne Howerton won the silver medal for the Lady Eagles in 1:09.03 seconds.
Kelsey Heitmeyer won the girls’ 300m hurdles for Paris in 54.10 seconds. Britni Bertelli won a Clark County silver medal in 56.69 seconds. Jordin Luthenauer won a bronze medal in her final race on the Knox County track in 58.89 seconds. Tessa Ramer won a Knox County fourth place 300m hurdles medal in 1:00.06 seconds.
Morgan Spratt won the girls’ 800m run for Marion County in 2:42.86 seconds. Suzanne Howerton earned a KCHS silver medal in 2:44.56 seconds. Ashley Gail won a Clark County fourth place medal in the 800 meters with a time of 2:48.87 seconds.
Kelsey Heitmeyer won the girls’ 200m dash for Paris in 30.04 seconds. Valerie Oldham was next for Scotland County in 30.12 seconds. Hailee Kelsey won the 200m dash bronze medal in 30.82 seconds. Shelby Roberts placed fourth for Canton in 30.66 seconds.
Katie Crabill won the 3200 meter run for Marion County in 13:59 seconds. Katie Ausmus won the silver medal in 14:05 seconds. Jessi Hill earned a 3200 meter bronze medal in 15:05 seconds. Bailee Brooks was fifth for Clark County with a 3200m time of 20:38 seconds.
The girls’ 4×400 meter event was hotly contested between Knox County and Marion County from the opening gun. Every relay handoff had Lady Mustang and Eagle runners side by side. Suzanne Howerton, Lorrie Peters, Amanda Woods and Tessa Ramer gutted out the win at the finish line in 4:41.03 seconds.
Marion County won girls’ 1600m relay silver medals in 4:41.52 seconds. Paris was third at 4:55.94 seconds. Clark County won fourth place medals in 4:59.32 seconds.
Jana Werr won the girls’ shot put for North Shelby at 32’ 3”. Tara Verkuilen won the silver medal for Schuyler County at 29’ 10”. Chelsea Edmonson placed seventh for Clark County at 27 feet. Knox County thrower Becca Mallett went 25’ ½” and Kelsey Bryant placed eighth at 26’ 11 ½”.
Melissa Cotton won the girls’ high jump for Scotland County at 5 feet even. Tori Neimann cleared at 4’10” winning a Canton silver medal. Jenny Mitchell finished third for Marion County at 4’8”.
Kayla Buschling cleared at 4’8” and finished fourth. Knox County Relays and Knox County High School high jump record holder Alena Koester cleared at 4’8” and placed fifth in her final home track meet.
Tori Niemann won the girls’ triple jump for Canton at 32’ 11”. Kaitlin Stump was second for Schuyler County at 32’ 7 ¼”
Amanda Woods won the girls’ long jump at 14’ ½”. Kayla Buschling was second for Clark County at 13’ 7 ¼” Tori Niemann won the long jump bronze medal at 13’ 5.5”.
Stephanie March won the girls’ discus for Schuyler County at 91’ 11”. Jana Werr won the silver medal for North Shelby at 91’ 2”. Chelsea Edmonson won the fourth place discus medal for Clark County at 78’ 3”.
Marion County won the boys’ 3200m relay in 9:31 seconds. Scotland County was second at 9:45 seconds. Clark County won the 4x800m relay bronze medals in 9:57.09 seconds.
Brashear’s 4×800 team of Kiley Watson, Justin Hazen, Jacob Owen and Adam Songer had a fourth place time of 9:57.12 seconds. Andrew Sharp, Colton Deem, Joshua Clark and Joe Rice placed fifth for Knox County at 10:52 seconds.
Matt Thomas beat two highly regarded hurdlers winning the boys’ 110m hurdles for Brashear in 18.03 seconds. Clark County’s 2007 state hurdles qualifier Erick Arnold won the KC Relays silver medal in 18.36 seconds.
Brady James won the fourth place 110m hurdles medal for Knox County in 19 seconds. Perennial state hurdle qualifier Kale Watson placed fifth for Brashear in 19.59 seconds. Justin Oliar was sixth for Clark County in 20.16 seconds.
Clark County senior Javis Vineyard flashed across the finish line with a boys’ 100m dash winning time of 11.92 seconds. Mitchell Pegg won the silver medal for Knox County in 12.09 seconds. Erick Arnold won a Clark County bronze medal in 12.31 seconds.
Ryan Ferdig was fourth for Brashear in 12.32 seconds. Cody Pegg won a KCHS fifth place 100m dash medal in 12.69 seconds. Clark County won the boys’ 4x200m relay in 1:38.80 seconds. Dyllon Redding, Hayden Coin, Jacob Shipman and Cody Snelling were fourth for Brashear in 1:53.06 seconds.
Jacob Rex won the boys’ 1600m run for Milan in 5:24 seconds. Galen Kirchner placed sixth for Clark County in 5:45 seconds. Rex also won the boys’ 800 meter run in 2:18.06 seconds.
Clark County won the boys’ 4x100m relay event in 47.49 seconds. Brady James, Cody Pegg, Cameron Kirmse and Mitchell Pegg won KCHS bronze medals in 48.41 seconds. Matt Thomas, Kale Watson, David Anderson and Ryan Ferdig placed fourth for Brashear in 48.50 seconds.
Dakota Bainter won the boys’ 400m dash for Marion County in 54.73 seconds. Lynn Williams was second for Clark County in 55.28 seconds. Ethan Horton was fourth for the Indians in 57.90 seconds.
Erick Arnold won the boys’ 300m hurdles for Clark County in 45.36 seconds. Curt Hubbard was second for North Shelby in 45.76 seconds. Kale Watson was fourth for Brashear in 48.09 seconds. Brady James was fifth for Knox County in 49.75 seconds. Trae Treasure was sixth for Brashear in the 300 hurdles in 51.62 seconds.
Mitchell Pegg fired out of the turn and won the boys’ 200 meter dash for Knox County in 25.16 seconds. Matt Morrow earned a Clark County silver medal in 25.29 seconds. Mason Owen was fourth for the Indians in 26.17 seconds. Cameron Kirmse won the sixth place medal for the Eagles in 26.41 seconds.
Justin Hazen captured the Knox County Relays gold medal in the boys’ 3200m run by a wide margin with a time of 11:28.72 seconds. Joe Rice won the fifth place medal for Knox County in 13:03 seconds. Galen Kirchner was sixth for Clark County in 13:40 seconds.
Clark County capped off the day by winning the boys’ 4x400m relay race in 3:49.27 seconds. Jacob Owen, Tony Raine, Trae Treasure, and David Anderson placed fourth for Brashear in 4:04.87 seconds. Ben Harder, Jacob Moots, Colton Deem and Joshua Clark were sixth for Knox County in 4:30 seconds.
Kale Watson won the boys’ high jump for Brashear clearing at 5’10”. Jeremy Dalton won the bronze medal for Clark County at 5’6”. Ethan Allen was fourth for the Indians at 5’4”.
Matt Morrow won the triple jump for Clark County at 40’4”. Javis Vineyard was second for the Indians at 36’8”. Matt Thomas was fourth for Brashear at 34’1”. Trae Treasure was fifth for the Tigers at 33’5”.
Matthew Snook won the boys’ discus for Paris at 112 feet even. Michael Brennan was fifth for Clark County at 94’ 9 ½”.
Javis Vineyard won the boys’ long jump for Clark County at 18’7”. Lynn Williams won the long jump bronze medal for Clark County at 17’ 21/2”. David Anderson was fourth for Brashear at 16’ 9 ¾”. Cameron Kirmse long jumped 16’ 9 ½” winning a Knox County fifth place long jump medal. Matt Thomas was sixth at 15’10”.
Michael Brennan won the boys shot put for Clark County with a 42’ 4 ¼” heave. Jesse Christoffer won the shot put silver medal for North Shelby at 41’11”. Trae Treasure was sixth for Brashear at 38’3”.