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Mountain-Dew Bloomfield Speedway Finally Gets Season Opener In

 Mountain-Dew Bloomfield Speedway Finally Gets Season Opener In

By: Tony Paris

(Bloomfield, Iowa) After three straight weeks of cancelations the Mountain-Dew Bloomfield Speedway opened with six exciting classes sponsored by IA-MO Grain and Community First Bank and the return of the Junior Fan Club for the young racers sponsored by Sue Guiter in honor of Reggie Guiter. The Taylor Automotive & Lee Construction Stock Car Feature was won by Ben Jones of Williamsburg who passed Nathan Wood of Keswick with six laps remaining to take the first feature of the night with Wood taking second followed by Mike Harward of Floris in third and Howard Gordon Jr. of Oskaloosa taking fourth after starting last. The Bennett Racing Supplies USRA B-Modifieds saw a nice car count for there second year of competition with fourteen racers checked in with Andrew Schroeder of Keswick taking the win over Ray Lundry of Maynard with Charles Van Boening of Paris, Mo. in third and Cory Brown of Ottumwa taking the fourth spot. In the Kollision Korner Mini-Stocks first time visitor Derek Stills of Anabel, Mo. Took the checkers passing Tyler Whalen of Riverside on the seventh lap of the ten lap feature with Mike Florke of Washington in third and Bill Whalen Jr. of Riverside in fourth. The Mid-America 305 winged Sprint cars took to the fast 3/8 mile speedway with Louis Lynch of Glenwood, Mo. pacing the field for the first nine laps before the action would stop for Chad Huston of Jamesport, Mo. who’s front axel broke causing him to flipping in turn four. This would setup a six lap shoot-out with Rob Kubli of Milo passing Lynch and taking the lead and picked up his first win in the series The young racer Tasker Phillips of Pleasantville would take second followed by Matt Stephenson of Des Moines who started tenth to take third and Lynch in fourth. The Mikel’s Inc. USRA hobby Stock feature went to Don Nunnikhoven of Kellogg who passed Jason McDaniel of Eldon on lap seven and never looked back with McDaniel in second followed by Mark Moore of Ottumwa in third and Shawn Smothers of Oskaloosa in fourth. The final feature of the night was the Pepsi-Cola A-Modifieds with the hometown guy Jim Lynch of Bloomfield leading all twelve laps for the win followed by Cody Townsend of Bloomfield in third and Casey Lancaster of Glenwood, fourth.

Next weeks racing action will be sponsored by Elmer Wood Co. and Karr St. Collision Center with five exciting classes in action with hot laps at 7PM and Racing action at 7:30Pm.


Heat#1-1.Andrew Hurley, Macon, Mo. 2.Mike Florke, Riverside 3.Larry Hopkins, Ottumwa 4.Gene Irwin, Bloomfield 5.Jim Garrett, Ottumwa 6.Kevin Garrett, Bloomfield 7.David Probasco, Moulton

Heat#2-1.Bill Whalen Jr., Riverside 2.Devin Stills, Anabel, Mo. 3.Ryan Moore, Centerville 4.Tyler Whalen, riverside 5.Mike Fisher, Blakesburg 6.Eli Mast, Drakesville

A-Feature: 1.Stills 2.T.Whalen 3.Florke 4.B.Whalen 5.Hopkins 6.J.Garrett 7.Irwin 8.Moore 9.Mast 10.K.Garrett 11.Hurley 12.Fisher 13.Probasco


Heat#1-1.Jim Walker, Mystic 2.Tim Pettibon, Centerville 3.Nick Ulin, Agency 4.Andrew Hustedt, Rutledge, Mo.5.Dustin Griffiths, Ottumwa 6.Derek Kirkland, Centerville

Heat#2-1.Jason McDaniel, Eldon 2.Danny Thrasher, Agency 3.Jim Sulser, Centerville 4.T.J. Henderson, Douds 5.Tom Irwin, Bloomfield 6.Tyler Shanahan,Centerville

Heat#3-1.Don Nunnikhoven, Kellogg 2.Mark Moore, Ottumwa 3.Dale Porter, Pulaski 4.Shawn Smothers, Oskaloosa 5.Steve Allen, Oskaloosa 6.Jeremiah Fry, Bloomfield

A-Feature: 1.Nunnikhoven 2.McDaniel 3.Moore 4.Smothers 5.Thrasher 6.Ulin 7.Porter 8.Walker 9.Sulser 10.Pettibon 11.Irwin 12.Allen 13.Shanahan 14.Henderson 15.Hustedt 16.Fry 17.Griffiths 18.Kirkland


Heat#1-1.James Maxey, Holliday, Mo. 2.Mike Wanders, Oskaloosa 3.Andrew Schroeder, Keswick 4.Charles Van Boening, Paris, Mo. 5.Cory Brown, Ottumwa 6.Jamie Dunnik, Pella 7.Jared Miller, Des Moines

Heat#2-1.Ray Lundry, Maynard 2.Mike Shelton, Ottumwa 3.Tyler Groenendyk, Oskaloosa 4.Brandon Martin, Eldon 5.Tanya Sederburg, Mt. Sterling 6.Shannon Sample, Milton 7.Bill Young,Ottumwa

A-Feature:1.Schroeder 2.Lundry 3.Van Boening 4.Brown 5.Shelton 6.Groenendyk 7.Miller 8.Martin 9.Dunnik 10.Young 11.Maxey 12.Wanders 13.Sederburg 14.Sample


Heat#1-1Mike Harward, Floris 2.Pat Rachels, Knoxville 3.Tyler McClure, Mt. Pleasant 4.Phil McClure, Floris 5.Chris Hawkins, Drakesville 6.Cory Townsend, Bloomfield 7.Clell Evan, Kirksville, Mo.

Heat#2-1.Mike Robinson, Moravia 2.Toby Johnson, Eldon 3.Ben Jones, Williamburg 4.Nathan Wood, Keswick 5.Dave Bennett, Bloomfield 6.Howard Gordon Jr.,Oskaloosa

A-Feature 1.Jones 2.Wood 3.Harward 4.Gordon 5.P.McClure 6.Bennett 7.Hawkins 8.T.McClure 9.Townsend 10.Johnson 11.Rachels 12.Robinson 13.Evans


Heat#1-1.Jim Lynch, Bloomfield 2.Casey Lancaster, Glenwood, Mo.3.Scott Dickey, Packwood 4.Jeff Hoffman, Ottumwa 5.Cody Townsend, Bloomfield 6.Kirk Hopkins, Bloomfield 7.Jeremy Townsend, Bloomfield 8.Todd Holman, Ottumwa

A-Feature 1.Lynch 2.Townsend 3.Lancaster 4.Hopkins 5.Holman 6.Hoffman 7.Dickey 8.J.Townsend


Heat#1-1.Chad Huston, Jamesport, Mo. 2.Bob Lamb, Mitchellville 3.Rob Kubli, Milo 4.Justin Gianetto, Cedar Rapids 5.Mark Widmar, Ottumwa 6.Patrick Long, Hedrick

Heat#2-1.Mitchell Alexander, Knoxville 2.Tasker Phillips, Pleasantville 3.Louis Lynch, Glenwood, Mo. 4.Josh Padellford, Pleasantville 5.Matt Stephenson, Des Moines 6.Mike Mayberry, Fremont 7.Cale Hutchings, Fairfield

A-Feature: 1.Kubli 2.Phillips 3.Stephenson 4.Lynch 5.Widmar 6.Gianetto 7.Alexander 8.Lamb 9.Padellford 10.Huston 11.Mayberry 12.Long 13.Hutchings