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Patrol Releases 2008 School Bus Inspection Statistics

 Patrol Releases 2008 School Bus Inspection Statistics

Colonel James F. Keathley, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, announces the findings of the 2008 Missouri State Highway Patrol School Bus Inspection Program. This program took place from February 4 to May 9, 2008. Motor vehicle inspection teams spent 12,526 manhours to complete inspections for 12,321 school buses throughout Missouri.

The statewide results of this year’s school bus inspections are:

Approved: 10,850 buses (88.1%)
Defective: 1,162 buses (9.4%)
Out Of Service Buses: 309 (2.5%).

Statewide defects include:

Brakes 27.2%
Emergency Doors & Exits 18.5%
Exhaust System 16.1%
Lighting & Signaling 11.4%
Lettering & Signs 8.1%
Other 18.7%

Individual troop inspection results are as follows:

Troop A Approved – 84.4% Defective – 11.4% Out of Service – 4.2%
Troop B Approved – 90.4% Defective – 6.9% Out of Service – 2.8%
Troop C Approved – 92.8% Defective – 6.3% Out of Service – 0.9%
Troop D Approved – 88.8% Defective – 9.1% Out of Service – 2.0%
Troop E Approved – 87.3% Defective – 9.9% Out of Service – 2.8%
Troop F Approved – 89.1% Defective – 7.6% Out of Service – 3.3%
Troop G Approved – 79.4% Defective – 16.8% Out of Service – 3.8%
Troop H Approved – 72.6% Defective – 21.3% Out of Service – 6.1%
Troop I Approved – 85.8% Defective – 12.2% Out of Service – 2.0%

Buses receive an approval rating when no defective items are found upon initial inspection. A defective rating is given when at least one defective item (not deemed major) is found upon initial inspection. Defective buses do need repair or maintenance, but are not an immediate danger to the welfare of passengers; therefore, these buses may remain operational.
Defective buses must be repaired and re-inspected by Missouri State Highway Patrol inspectors. Often, these buses are repaired at the initial inspection site and are re-inspected prior to the end of the day.

Buses receive an out-of-service rating when at least one major defective item is found upon initial inspection. Out-of-service buses contain defects that are an immediate danger to the welfare of passengers. These buses may not be used to transport passengers until all out-of-service items are repaired and the bus is re-inspected and deemed safe by Missouri State Highway Patrol inspectors.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol established the Total Fleet Excellence Program to honor school districts whose fleet performs at a 90% or better approval rating. School districts receiving this honor are awarded the Total Fleet Excellence Award, along with stickers for all buses in their fleet identifying the fleet as an award-winning fleet for the given inspection year. In 2008, the Total Fleet Excellence Award was earned by 295 school districts. A total of 7,550 school buses will display award stickers for the 2008 – 2009 school year.