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Dancing Rabbit August 25

 Dancing Rabbit August 25

Tony here reporting on all the rabbit news. First off, Ziggy had not one
but two fires down at his house this week. Luckily, both were small
controlled campfires within the walls of his, as yet roofless, cob
house. Cob being essentially fireproof (its mostly sand and clay), there
was no danger of any damage. The original intent was to do some late
night cobbing under the full moon but the fire was just too entrancing.

Our common house kitchen is getting some renovations and repairs. Due to
some long term leaks around the sink we are replacing the sink and
cabinetry with a stainless steel industrial-style sink we found on
e-bay. Kurt, to whom we are all deeply indebted, has led the crew
removing the old and moldy stuff and fixing up the drywall and plumbing.

While the common house kitchen is out of commission we are practicing
some cooperation among cooperatives with the Sunflower and Bobolink
eating co-ops joining forces for a week or two. Cooking is happening in
Skyhouse with dining in the courtyard or common house. For some of us
its just like old times, with two cooks cooking for 20 to 25 people. Its
been nice to have more social mingling and to get to cook with folks I
haven’t cooked with in 5 or 6 years. And the food has been great, with
double the energy in the kitchen everyone is pulling off amazing meals.

The big news for DR kids is that five of them started public school this
week. Last year all but one DR child was home schooled but this year the
kids and their parents have chosen public school. They’ve only had two
days so far but reports from the kids are positive — though I’ve
already heard your normal complaints about homework and the 1 hour bus
ride. I do feel sorry for the kids having to endure as many as 30
adults asking “What did you learn in school today?” They, of course,
answer the same as most kids over the ages — “nothing”.

For the younger kids there are new adventures as well. Zane has begun
walking on his own, casting off the tether of mom or dad’s finger he’s
been holding onto for weeks. He’s still a little unstable but I’ve seen
him make his way across the courtyard to reach his mom.

Many of us zipped over to Sandhill on Friday to help celebrate Apple’s
birthday. There were snacks and beverages around the pond. Some of us
went swimming and even had the canoe out on the pond, with Apple
demonstrating her professional canoeing techniques (she once led
white-water trips). Seems like all had a good time.

In other fun, Jeff and Liat headed off to Burning Man, the week long
festival in the Nevada desert. Burning Man is famous for flamboyant
costumes and Liat was testing out hers before hand to see how
comfortable they were. We all took notice as you don’t see sequins
everyday around here.

We also watched the documentary, “Power of Community: How Cuba Survived
Peak Oil”. After the Soviet Union collapsed Cuba was cut off from its
oil supply and made a radical transformation to organic gardening,
bicycling, and public transportation. It was inspiring to see how
quickly they were able to shift their economy to one that was less
dependent on oil and how a balance between independence and cooperation
were essential parts of that transition.

For anyone interested in a tour of DR we will be having our annual open
house on Saturday, September 13th from 1-4 pm. There will be tours of
our village including strawbale and cob houses, gardens, alternative
energy systems, and more. Come by and see us.

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is an intentional community practicing
ecological sustainability in Rutledge, MO. Our next tour of the season
will be on our open house on Saturday Sept 13th 1-4pm. For more
information about Dancing Rabbit, please see our website at or give us a call at (660) 883-5511.

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage 660-883-5511
1 Dancing Rabbit Lane
Rutledge, MO 63563 for more info see

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