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Patrol Reports On 15-Mile Trooper Operation

Patrol Reports On 15-Mile Trooper Operation

Colonel James F. Keathley, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, announces a special enforcement project took place over the Labor Day holiday weekend 2008, which coincided with Operation CARE and the You Drink and Drive You Lose campaign.

In an effort to promote safety and reduce traffic crashes on Interstates 44, 70, 29, and 55; U.S. Highway 63 (Troop B, Macon, area), and U.S. Highway 60 (Troop G, Willow Springs, area) Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers patrolled these interstate highways at 15-mile intervals on August 29, 2008, and on Monday, September 1, 2008.

Troopers were assigned to interstate highways to maximize our visibility inthe highest volume traffic areas. These troopers targeted all traffic violations, and were especially vigilant addressing aggressive driving violations.

Officers assigned to this enforcement effort patrolled a 15-mile length of interstate assigned to them, and made every effort to be a visible
enforcement presence during their assigned shift. During the 15-Mile
Trooper Operation, troopers made a total of 1,859 arrests, and issued 2,173

Arrests include:

11 DWI
1,056 Speeding
25 Following Too Close
5 Failed To Yield
1 Signal Light Violations
39 Other Hazardous Moving Violations
18 Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Violations
207 Non-Moving Violations
80 No Driver’s License/Driver’s License Suspended/Revoked
267 Seat Belt Violations
12 Child Restraint Violations
73 Uninsured Motorists
51 Misdemeanor Criminal
15 Felony

During the 15-Mile Trooper Operation, only four injury traffic crashes
occurred on the nearly 850 miles of interstate being patrolled. There were no recorded fatal traffic crashes during this special enforcement

“It is important to note within the special enforcement area of the 15-Mile Trooper Operation, there were zero fatalities,” said Colonel James F. Keathley, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. “The Highway Patrol continuously looks for innovative ways to compliment proven methods of enforcement. We remain committed to further reducing the number of traffic crashes in Missouri.”