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Farm Bureau Files Circuit Court CAFO Motion

Farm Bureau Files Circuit Court CAFO Motion

Today, Missouri Farm Bureau Federation filed a motion to intervene and a proposed motion for reconsideration of a Cole County Circuit Court ruling that purportedly prohibits concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) from transporting, depositing or spreading manure as fertilizer within 15 miles of Arrow Rock, nearby State Historic Sites and National Register-listed Prairie Park.

By its motion, the Missouri Farm Bureau “seeks to intervene in this action post-judgment as the scope of the Judgment purportedly affects the property rights and farm operations of its members who operate CAFOs within or near a 15-mile radius of the Village of Arrow Rock and surrounding State Historic Sites.”

Supporting arguments include the following points:

· persons not involved in the lawsuit are potentially affected by the ruling;

· the lawsuit specifically requested a court ruling revoking a permit for construction and operation of a certain CAFO;

· no construction occurred and the permit for the proposed construction expired; and

· no evidence was presented supporting a 15-mile buffer surrounding Arrow Rock.

“We are concerned that this ruling could be interpreted broadly and result in very serious harm to Missouri agriculture,” said MFB President Charlie Kruse. “We hope that the action we have taken today will provide an opportunity to present our concerns in court.”