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ACORN Voter Registration Fraud Continues in Missouri

ACORN Voter Registration Fraud
Continues in Missouri

MRP Chairman: Robin Carnahan and
Claire McCaskill ‘ignore the threat’

Jefferson City_ This morning, Secretary of State Robin
Carnahan released an analysis of the 2008 elections that ignores the threat
posed by voter registration fraud in Missouri.  This comes despite an organized
effort by groups such as the Association of Community Organizations for Reform
Now (ACORN) to submit thousands of fraudulent voter registrations to county
election boards across this state.  Carnahan’s report, which does not mention
ACORN, also comes a week after a former organizer for ACORN pleaded guilty to
federal charges for submitting fraudulent voter registrations in the St. Louis
area—the latest in a long line of serious voter fraud allegations for the
left-wing group.

“We commend the efforts of the United States Attorney’s
Office for its pursuit of those who seek to undermine the integrity of
elections,” said David Cole, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party.  “For
too long, Robin Carnahan—the chief elections official in the state—has ignored
the threat that voter fraud poses to our system of government.  This report
makes it clear that Carnahan has no intention of cleaning up our election
process or seriously confronting organized fraud.”

Missouri Democrats have done nothing to protect the
election system, creating ample opportunities for those who seek to stuff the
ballot boxes.  Robin Carnahan, who is charged with overseeing Missouri’s elections, has
repeatedly balked at common-sense reforms meant to safeguard the political
process, and in 2006, she even ordered the St. Louis Board of Elections to
approve more than 5,000 questionable registrations submitted by ACORN.

ACORN has come under fire from federal law enforcement
agencies for illegal practices in 11 states.  Over the past several years, more
than a dozen ACORN workers have been charged with election fraud in Missouri alone, and
thousands of questionable registrations have been submitted. 

“Since Robin Carnahan became Secretary of State, the
number of cases of voter registration fraud in Missouri has exploded,” said Cole. “Her job is
to ensure fair elections, yet she has resisted every proposed reform that seeks
to prevent voter fraud.  It is absolutely

And McCaskill, who benefited from ACORN workers
advocating on her behalf in 2006, downplayed the seriousness of the voter
registration fraud allegations at a 2008 campaign rally, saying: “There has been no fraudulent voting…The people who
claim this is a huge problem can never produce any instances where anyone voted
fraudulently.  They have registered fraudulently.”
(KC Star
Prime Buzz, October 8, 2008)

“Free and fair elections are the foundation of our
democracy, and public officials have a responsibility to do everything in their
power to safeguard the process,” said Cole.  “Although Democrats have benefited
from ACORN’s actions and advocacy, it is time for them to put the public ahead
of partisan interests and implement serious reforms to end systematic voter
fraud in Missouri.”

For a detailed look at ACORN’s recent voter fraud in
please see the attached document: “Robin
Carnahan turns blind eye to ACORN voter registration

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FACT SHEET: Robin Carnahan turns
blind eye to ACORN voter registration fraud


  • St Louis City election officials discover almost
    1,500 fraudulent voter registration
    turned in by ACORN workers (AP, October 11, 2006)
  • St Louis County election officials find hundreds of fraudulent address changes,
    most of which were submitted by ACORN (Post-Dispatch, October 25,
  • FBI launches
    into ACORN voter registration fraud (KC Star,
    October 24, 2006)
  • Four ACORN workers
    for submitting as many as 1,000 fraudulent voter
    registration cards in the Kansas City area  Each later pleads guilty (KC Star, November 2,


  • Kansas
    ACORN worker indicted
    for election fraud and identity theft (AP,
    January 6, 2007)


  • Eight employees of ACORN plead
    to election fraud in federal court.  Their activities
    included submitting registration cards with forged signatures and false names.
    (Post-Dispatch, April, 2, 2008)
  • Jackson County reports 100s of fraudulent registrations from ACORN
    (AP, October 9, 2008)
  • FBI launches national
    into ACORN voter registration fraud, seeks
    evidence from Kansas
    City elections board (KC Star, October 17,


  • ACORN worker pleads
    to federal charges for submitting fraudulent voter
    registrations.  (AP, March 24, 2009)