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Eagles Take Four Events At Palmyra

Eagles Take Four Events At Palmyra

By David Sharp

   Knox County’s boys took the spotlight, winning four events at
the 2009 Palmyra Invitational Track Meet, held March 30. Freshman Sharri
Edwards ran the boy’s 800m event in 2:27.73 seconds, taking first place. Dennis
Dent cleared 5’8” winning a broken bar shortened high jump for Knox County.

   Highland, Palmyra, Marion County, Knox County, Clark County and
Mark Twain participated in the Palmyra Invitational. No team standings were

   Brady James won the 110m hurdles in 19.09 seconds. Cody Pegg,
David Hinkle, Mitchel Pegg and Brady James won the boys’ 4x200m relay in
1:40.44 seconds, giving Brady James two first place finishes on the day. The
Eagles edged Palmyra in the 800m relay followed by Clark County.

   The non-medal practice meet was held in cool, windy conditions.
All times and distances would be considered wind aided, or impeded. The jumping
events were a test of strength, and ability to play the wind.

   Meet highlights included Highland senior Alexis Clay sweeping
the girls’ sprints. The former Clarence Cannon Conference girls’ 100 meter dash
champion took the girls’ 100 and 200m dash races.

   Matt Humphreys won the boys’ discus competition for Highland. Dyllon
Howard took the boys’ 400m dash and Chevie Wiseman won the girls’ triple jump
for the Lady Cougars.

   Clark County won six boys’ events including the 4×100 and 4x400m
relays. Javis Vineyard won the boys’ 100m dash for the Indians. Matt Morrow
took the triple jump while Lynn Williams won the long jump for Clark County.
State shot put qualifier Michael Brennan captured the shot with a toss of over
42 feet.

   Palmyra weight thrower Dominique McGruder won the girls’ shot
put and discus for the Lady Panthers. Putnam County transfer Levi Miles won the
boy’s 300m hurdles and took second in the triple jump in his first meet in a
Palmyra uniform.

   “We knew we were coming in as one of the smaller schools,” said
KCHS coach John Weaver. “We came over here to get some good competition. For
not being on the track a lot (due to weather) I thought our kids came out
worked hard and competed really well.”

   Dennis Dent took fourth for Knox County in the boys’ shot put
event with a 39’ 5/8” heave. David Hinkle, Cody Pegg, Brady James and Mitchel
Pegg took second place in the boys’ 4×100 meter relay. Clark County was first
at 46.91 seconds followed by the Eagles at 47.12 seconds.

   Lynn Williams won the boys’ long jump for Clark County at 17’9”.
David Hinkle was fourth for Knox County at 16’8”. Jacob Moots, Cody Pegg,
Sharri Edwards and Leighton McCabe finished sixth in the boy’s 4x400m relay at
4:15.57 seconds. Clark County crossed the line first with a 1600m relay time of
3:48.30 seconds. Knox County took fourth in the boys’ 4x800m relay in 10:41.85

   Javis Vineyard won the boys’ 100m dash for Clark County in 11.48
seconds. Mitchel Pegg was second in 12.08 seconds. Matt Morrow was third for
Clark County at 12.20 seconds. Dyllon Howard was fourth for Highland in 12.22
seconds. Cody Pegg was sixth for Knox County in 12.59 seconds.

   Ryan Brewer won the boys’ 200m dash for Palmyra in 24.30
seconds. Ethan Allen was second in a closely bunched field in 24.55 seconds.
Mitchel Pegg placed third at 24.69 seconds followed by Clark County’s Mason
Owen at 25.98 seconds.

   Dyllon Howard took the boys’ 400m dash in 55.96 seconds. Ethan
Horton and Grody Small were next for Clark County. David Hinkle was a
respectable fourth in 58.35 seconds.

  Levi Miles took the boys’ 300m hurdles for Palmyra in 44.07 seconds.
Brady James was fifth for Knox County at 48.50 seconds.

   KCHS freshman Leighton McCabe took third in the boy’s metric
mile run in 5:31.50 seconds. Kelsey Bryant took sixth place for Knox County in
the girls’ shot put event at 26’ 3 ¾”. Becca Mallett was the highest KCHS
girls’ discus thrower at 66’10”. Lorrie Peters took fifth in the girls’ high

   Mark Twain won the girls’ 4x800m relay in 11:09.12 seconds.
Katie Ausmus, Lorrie Peters, Kelsey Cahalan and Suzanne Howerton were third in
the two mile relay in 11:31 seconds.

   Alexis Clay won the girls’ 100m dash for Highland in 14.31
seconds. Tessa Ramer finished second in the 100 meters in 14.95 seconds. Ramer
was fifth for Knox County in the girls’ 200m dash in 31.02 seconds.

   Palmyra’s Danielle Boulware won the girls’ 400m dash in 65
seconds. Tessa Ramer was sixth for Knox County in 1:10 seconds while Lorrie
Peters took fifth at 1:09.20 seconds.

   Chevie Wiseman won the girls’ triple jump for Highland at 31’9”.
Katie Ausmus placed fifth for Knox County at 28’9”. Katie Ausmus was third for
the Lady Eagles in the girls’ long jump at 12’6”. Kristen Hamilton won the long
jump for Mark Twain at 14’10”.

    Mark Twain took the girls’ 4x400m relay in 4:36.36 seconds.
Palmyra was second followed by Knox County in 4:42.79 seconds. Tessa Ramer,
Lorrie Peters, Suzanne Howerton and Kelsey Cahalan were the girl’s 1600m runners
for Knox County.

   Suzanne Howerton was fifth for Knox County in the girls’ 800m
run with a time of 2:54.44 seconds. Kelsey Cahalan took third in the girls’
1600m run in 6:32 seconds.