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Peter Kinder Speaks at Jefferson City Tea Party

 Peter Kinder Speaks at Jefferson City Tea

 Rally comes as government, media
cast conservatives as extremists

JEFFERSON CITY—One day before the federal income tax
filing deadline, Lt. Governor Peter Kinder spoke to a group of several hundred
people assembled on the State Capitol steps to protest federal government’s
“fundamental assault on freedom.”  The Missouri Republican Party joins Kinder in
calling for a return to fiscal and economic sanity.

“This is a crucial time in our nation’s history.  The
Obama Administration is meeting economic turmoil with unprecedented government
control into the lives and pocketbooks of Americans,” said Lloyd Smith,
Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party.  “We thank Lt. Governor
Kinder and all those who participated for standing up for the American ideal of
freedom while protesting the rapid expansion of the federal

Across the state, more than a dozen tax day “tea
parties” are scheduled on April 14 and 15.  These rallies come as a frightening
new trend emerges in the media and government—labeling conservatives as

The Department of Homeland Security recently issued a
report that specifically cites returning military veterans, anti-illegal
immigration activists, and those concerned about possible restrictions on
firearms as potential terrorists.  Only one month ago, the Nixon Administration
was forced to retract a similar state report that cast supporters of Republican
presidential candidate Ron Paul and third party candidates as security

And just yesterday, a report on KTVI (St. Louis) implied that an
“extremist anti-government group” was behind the tea party

“Despite the recent attempts to discredit conservative
ideas by painting them as threats to public safety, we will continue to protest
destructive government policies and offer viable alternatives,” said Smith.  “We
are grateful for all elected officials who have stood on the side of freedom,
and we will continue to demand accountability from liberal Democrats in
Washington, DC,
and Jefferson