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Shoemyer responds to intruder’s recorded message

Shoemyer responds to intruder’s
recorded message

“Strong and sure, I stood up for my
district,” Senator Wes Shoemyer said today in response to recorded phone
messages to thousands of Northeast Missourians by big city interests angered at
Shoemyer’s opposition to their grab for money. “The recorded message you
received in your homes came from a big city group, angry that I stood up for the
people of my district, and against a 90 million dollar handout to a St. Louis
developer,” Shoemyer said.

The prerecorded messages — robo
calls — left on answering machines throughout the district, attacked Shoemyer
for his defense of Missouri’s rural economy. “They can attack my character,”
Shoemyer said. “But they will not silence me. I will stand up for Missouri’s
rural economy. The attackers, who weren’t even in the Senate chamber, said I was
fueled by ethanol. For the record, I was not intoxicated. I was

Back in January, the Senate received
a House economic development bill that was relatively clean, in the eyes of most
senators, meaning that special interest projects had been kept to a minimum. But
at 1:30 am on the last day of the session, a floor substitute to the bill gave
away 20 million dollars — and the option of $70 million more — to one
individual St. Louis developer for a special project. There was no chance for
debate on the substitute, but Shoemyer rose to question the wisdom of this

“Missouri’s entire agriculture budget
from general revenue is $66 million,” Shoemyer said. “Yet here we are helping
out a single St. Louis developer with a $20 million handout, and $70 million
more in the pipeline. I was infuriated. Even Republicans agreed with me that
this handout had no business on the economic development bill.

“They can slander me, call me names,
and attack my character, but I will stand up for the people of my district,”
Shoemyer said. “That’s what I did. And I’ll do it again. To quote Harry Truman,
I told them the truth, and they thought it was Hell.”

Senator John Griesheimer, a
Republican from Franklin County, witnessed Shoemyer’s impassioned speech. “I was
on the floor of the senate watching Senator Shoemyer defend his district,” Sen.
Griesheimer said. “The robo calls said Wes was intoxicated. He was not. He was

The robotic calls were from a St. Charles group
called Voters for Good Government, whose treasurer is William “Buddy”