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Troop B Officers To Participate In "10-Mile Trooper Project"

Troop B Officers To Participate In “10-Mile Trooper Project”

   Captain John W. Elliott,
commanding officer of Troop B, Macon, announces that Troop B will participate in
a program designed to provide maximum manpower during the travel days of the
Memorial Day holiday weekend.  The program, known as “10-mile Trooper Project”,
is designed to provide a trooper at least every 10 miles on designated highways.
 The designated highway in Troop B is U.S. Highway 61.  The dates of the program
are May 22, 2009, and May 25, 2009.  Troopers will be targeting all traffic
violations, and will be especially vigilant regarding speed, careless and
imprudent driving, and aggressive driving violations.  Troopers will be
observing a zero tolerance policy for motorists who are stopped for a traffic
violation and are not wearing a seat belt.