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Discusses with Governors How Climate, Cap & Trade Bills Will Kill


As a former two-term Governor of the State of Missouri, U.S. Senator Kit Bond
today discussed how efforts to create green jobs such as cap-and-trade
legislation will kill jobs with several U.S. governors testifying before Senate
Environment and Public Works Committee (EPW).


“I understand the
pressure that elected officials face to create jobs and promote economic
development,” said Bond to the governors. “But, taxpayers in Missouri do not
want their energy taxes raised or their jobs killed to pay for green jobs.”


Bond stressed to
Governors Bill Ritter of Colorado, Chris Gregoire of Washington, Jon Corzine of
New Jersey and John Hoeven of North Dakota that even green jobs advocates are
learning disturbing lessons from recent green jobs efforts. He pointed to his
Yellow Light on Green Jobs report, which is based on information from a
coalition of labor and environmental groups.  His report reveals how green jobs
efforts will kill existing jobs to pay for new green jobs, pay low wages, and
require taxpayer subsidies.  Bond cited another example, High Road or Low
Road? Job Quality in the New Economy
, a report by the Sierra Club,
Teamsters, and SEIU. The report details how some local governments gave
subsidies and tax breaks to companies totaling millions of dollars and how many
of those projects only produced a few hundred jobs.


            As a
major example of this dilemma, Bond discussed the Vestas wind turbine tower
manufacturing plant in Pueblo, Colorado.  He explained that in Pueblo, state,
county and local officials spent nearly $32 million in incentives and tax breaks
to attract a Danish company to build a new wind turbine facility.  Bond
emphasized that officials gave away $32 million in economic development funds,
incentives, matching grants, investment tax waivers, sales tax waivers, employee
tax credits, enterprise zone credits, and health care tax credits to produce
only 450 green jobs, which amounts to a $71,000 subsidy per job.


Bond also pointed
out that the new Vestas wind turbine plant will operate next to the Grupo
Cementos de Chihuahua
(GCC) cement plant, Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel Mill,
and Excel Energy coal-fired plant.  He noted that this is ironic because the
drive for a cap-and-trade bill will kill cement, steel and affordable power jobs
next door. Bond explained that high power and cap-and-trade costs will make
American cement and steel uncompetitive, forcing them to close.


In closing, Bond
emphasized that while green jobs advocates continue to push cap-and-trade, which
will kill 2.5 million net jobs, Missouri is leading the U.S. in clean energy. 
He noted that Missouri is producing biofuels from corn and soybeans and creating
new cellulosic fuels from biomass and algae. He added that Missouri is at the
center of new battery technology and producing all-electric and hybrid trucks.  


Bond stressed,
“Nuclear power, clean coal technology, environmentally friendly drilling for oil
and gas off our own shores, these are the American sources of energy that will
create American jobs, keep us independent of our adversaries and ensure
plentiful supplies to keep prices lower. This is the path I urge governors, this
congress and America to take.”