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Use Stimulus To Restore Courthouse

Letter To Editor

I would like the citizens of Clark County to know a few facts
about the courthouse stimulus money. First, I have to say “Great
Job” to the commissioners on applying for this money. When I
read about it in the paper we were told it could only be used to
build a new building. But, if you ask your commissioners you will
find it can also be used to restore the old courthouse.

I believe we should do everything possible to save the existing
courthouse. Most people like to go to car shows and threshing
bees to look at the nice cars and tractors. Like wise, the
courthouse could be something nice to look at.

I believe we as citizens tend to take things for granted. Our
courthouse is one of the oldest in the state, and it would be a
shame to lose this historical building. I believe it should be
preserved for the future.

David Sewell