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Where were WE years ago?

Since names were invoked in the courthouse issue article from the “former commissioners”  I wish to respond and correct a few errors in the accusations:

Where were WE years ago?

I will not speak for Joanne, Linda, or Marvis.  I can only say where I
was, and I can assure you that for over twenty years I have  been
trying to get this courthouse maintained.

In the late 1980’s I asked my daughter, Laura for her help.  She is an
expert restoration architect with a great deal of experience with
similar buildings.  She walked through the courthouse and made a list
of simple maintenance procedures that would have kept much of the
building in good shape.

According to her, it did not take a bond issue to maintain the
building.  A simple budget of $1000 a year  would have taken care of
most of the problems before they needed major repairs.  Her suggestions
were ignored.

She returned again, in the mid 1990’s, when grant money was plentiful,
and told the commissioners she would even write the grants for them.  

Again, in the early 2000’s she tried to get them interested.  I can
remember, a couple years ago,  standing in the park with her one Old
Settlers’ Day, begging a commissioner to do something.  There was still
grant money available.   Nothing.

I know some on our little committee were very involved in raising money
to replace the windows and other restoration projects many years ago.  
We have ALL spoken out over the years about the need for maintenance.

So, gentlemen, WE WERE THERE, and passionately interested in saving our
courthouse. What brought us to form our committee is the sudden and
tragic decision to tear down our courthouse.

This is still a democracy, at least for a  while, and we have a right
to express our opinion on such an important issue.

Carla Derrick