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America’s ‘Tea Party Party’ Responds to State of the Union Speech

America’s ‘Tea Party Party’
Responds to State of the Union Speech

Lancaster, PA (Jan 28, 2010) The fast-growing Constitution
 America’s ‘Tea Party Party’, is calling
President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech a desperate attempt to calm
America’s outrage at an out of control Federal government by offering too
little, too late, and more of the same failed programs that provoked America’s
ire. The Constitution Party pointed out that in addition, each and every
“solution” proposed by the president is unconstitutional.

The president’s speech contained countless contradictions
and as one Philadelphia focus group member said “This speech shows Obama is
the greatest conservationist on earth-  he recycles all his campaign

“The State of the Union Address shows Obama’s Leftist cabal is now on the
defensive. There’s no getting around the roiling discontent that’s been 
percolating through the growing Tea Party movement,
Town Hall meetings, the recent upset election in Massachusetts
and widespread anti-incumbent sentiment,” said Constitution
Party National Chairman Jim Clymer
 who pointed out
that Obama, whose approval
is the lowest
of any president since Nixon
just one year into a term, was playing to a
nation he knows wants his Big Government spending party to

Wednesday’s State of the Union address was a reluctant acknowledgement that
Americans won’t accept further out-of-control spending and increased debt,
however Obama continued to pound the ‘more government is better’ drum. The
Constitution Party has been sounding the alarm on spending, unconstitutional
programs and the ever increasing power grab going on in D.C. for

However, the Democrats have no monopoly on spending since the Republicans
have outspent the Democrats for decades
time they had control of the White House and/or Congress! That’s why,
regardless of which “Big Box” party is in power we’ll continue
to watch  the American people gradually become slaves in their own country
unless and until we break out of the two party stranglehold”, added Clymer. 

Clymer pointed to Obama’s call for “spending cuts” to help the middle class
as a “disingenuous smokescreen” adding, “ Obama’s recent  plans to “help”  the 
middle class he called “under assault” is  tantamount to a robber offering to
“give” his victim  a few dollars from the wallet he had just stolen from him!
And timing is everything. Obama
called for ‘relief” for taxpayers just two days before he got up to give the
State of the Union Address!

 The “spending freeze” Obama trumpeted to alleviate the “burden” on the
middle class would apply only to a  small portion of the federal budget and that
“freeze”  actually includes
funding increases for some agencies in a budget that allocated up to
10% more money for some programs

“Obama’s political self-preservation is behind these phony budget and tax
cuts”, Clymer claimed. 

President Obama continued to advance Leviathan government by overstepping the
Constitutional boundaries around the Federal government. Proposals outlined in
the State of the Union speech – like requiring employers to provide retirement
savings programs and healthcare for employees and further wading into the
student loan miasma are all unconstitutional federal encroachments.

”Obama’s “I feel your pain” rhetoric is falling on deaf ears”, noted
Clymer who called on Americans to consider the president’s actions in the year
since he’s been in office and weigh those against the promises he made during
his campaign. “At the same time he was backpedaling on Big Government
excesses, it was astounding to hear Obama fill his State of the Union
speech with justification for enormous spending on Stimulus programs, bailouts
and takeovers, as well as the unconstitutional wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He
did that while continuing to advance a relentless attack on health care
liberties despite overwhelming opposition to his brand of healthcare “reform.”
Add to that Obama’s State of the Union lobbying for amnesty
another issue he refuses to listen to the majority of Americans on – and it
truly boggles the mind that this man can say he’s listening to

The Constitution Party believes our men and women in uniform
were compromised by the president’s position on homosexuals in the military when
he said, he would work to end the current ‘Don’t ask, Don’t
policy because “it’s right.”   

 Clymer added, “President Obama’s speech was chock full of misinformation,
disinformation and downright falsehoods. I hope Americans saw Supreme Court
Justice Alito’s silent mouthing of the words “NOT TRUE” during
Wednesday night’s speech. Those two words summed up the content of the 13 page
speech and pretty much said it all.”          


The Constitution Party is the only nationally-recognized party holding true
to a platform
of Life, Liberty and Limited Government
defined by the United States Constitution.