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Letter: Barred from Museum

I’ve been trying to decide when was the best time to write this letter. I’ve decided the time is right. I’m going to have surgery to have a knee replacement and you never know what might happen and I want a last word just in case. I’m adding to this letter a copy of a REGISTERED letter I received Jan. 27, 2010. I thought I would share it with everyone. It came from an attorney in Hannibal. I’m using just the body of the letter, I’m not using any letterheads or names, except my own name. The CCHS is mentioned in this letter I received, the attorney’s office added CCHS name to the letter they sent to me. If anyone wants to see the entire letter, I will provide a copy. After you read this letter you will understand why I’m not using any names. The letter I received goes as follows:
January 27, 2010
Mrs. Nancy Ostrander
{my address was here}
RE: Clark County Historical Society
Dear Mrs. Ostrander:
Please allow this letter to inform you that the Board of Directors for Clark County Historical Society has, by majority vote and with the support of the membership, banned you from entering the premises of the Clark County Historical Society. From this point forward, you will not be permitted to enter the Clark County Historical Society building or to use its facilities in any manner. The Clark County Historical Society is also requesting that you cease and desist defaming and slandering their organization with your correspondence to newspapers. If you persist in your course of activity, the Clark County Historical Society will take further legal action to prohibit you from injuring their good name.
Please do not contact the members of Clark County Historical Society regarding this decision as they are not willing to discuss this matter any further.
(It is signed by an attorney from Hannibal.)
I don’t remember defaming or slandering the CCHS in any way, but maybe that’s how they (CCHS) read my letters to the editor. I just asked question regarding their management of the museum, by the way not one question I asked was ever answered. I just wanted to be informed on why posted hours were ignored, no one will answer the questions about articles and artifacts being kept, in what appears to be an unprotected building. I have also ask the question about the museum being a public museum or private museum? I didn’t get an answer there either. If our museum is public, don’t the people have a right to the answers to the questions I have asked? I have, also, had many people tell that at different time they have tried to join the CCHS and were turned away, why is that? If this is slandering their name, I’m sorry they are so sensitive. I just wanted to know what the museum rules are.
In regard to my correspondence to newspapers? Doesn’t this demand have to do with my freedom of speech. Am I not allowed an opinion of my own? Am I not permitted to ask questions? What country are we living in?As far as items being given or donated to the museum. At least the items I donated (which wasn’t much & would have been less if I had of taken the time to think about what I was doing), I donated to the “CLARK COUNTY MUSEUM”. I donated nothing to the Clark County Historical Society, the societies officers or it’s members.
I do want to say a few words about donating or loaning anything to ANY organization. My advice is, don’t do it unless you investgate and find out if that organization is public or private. Then get it in writing and get it dated with a signature. And don’t forget to get a receipt. I know this sounds extreme but I have learned the hard way.
Nancy Ostrander