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KC R-1 Receives Distinction In Performance

State Rep. Craig Redmon made a special visit to the Knox County R-I School District to present Knox County students and faculty with a Certificate of Recognition for the district’s fifth year (in a row) of receiving the state’s Distinction In Performance recognition. Rep. Redmon took the time to personally thank the students, who were there as representatives of the entire KC R-I student body, for their hard work and diligence.
Students and faculty: Mrs. Marilyn Waite, Mrs. Frances Jones, Mrs. Kelley Carlson, Katelyn Kent, Alison Averill, Jill Strange, Representative Craig Redmond, Superintendent Mr. Turgeon, Patrick Gibbons, Kelsey Cahalan, Taylor Goodwin, Mrs. Tracy Hamlin, Mrs. Erin Trutwin, Mrs. Marty Strange, Abby Parrish, Landon Hodge, and Stacey Leckbee.