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CCR-1 Issues Sportmanship Reminder

CCR-1 Issues Sportmanship Reminder

As basketball returns to full swing, the Clark County R-1 District would like to remind spectators and parents of the sportsmanship expectations required by the Clarence Cannon Conference. The conference prohibits derogatory and critical comments towards officials, participants, and other fans.

Although this expectation is our goal, we also understand that emotions of competition force the most mild mannered of us to behave out of character. The District would like to remind spectators that they are not solely representing themselves as individuals, but are also an extension of the team, school, and community.
It is our goal that the student-athletes and coaches represent the District and community to the highest degree. We are hoping to have the community continue the tradition established last year when Clark County R-1 received the combined sportsmanship award from the conference.

All spectators need to remember that the kids are the reason we have the contests. Behavior that detracts from their performance on the court undermines the efforts of the team. Although it is difficult to resist, spectators must remember that the crowd is attending the game to support the effort of our teams, not listen to amateur critical reviews of the officials, coaching staff, or team members.

Clark County R-1 Schools is asking spectators to continue the tradition of exceptional sportsmanship we have established in recent years, but it requires the best efforts of coaches, athletes, spectators, and parents.