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John Bruce Davis, 58, of Edina, Missouri, died Friday, August 24, 2012, at the University of Missouri Hospital in Columbia, Missouri.

He was born on September 14, 1953, in Cascade, Iowa.

John Davis, aka “Eagle Eye”, loved fishing, hunting, gardening, leather working, old cars, Harley Davidson Motorcycles, music, eagles and was proud to be a Native American, but most of all loved his life partner, Holly Miller aka “Injun Princess”.

He is survived by his mother, Mildred Davis of Edina, Missouri; a daughter, Pam Davis of Springville, Iowa;  brothers, Earl “Clyde” Hallam, Jamie Hallam and Charles “Chip” Hallam of Hillsdale, Illinois; sisters, Margaret Hollowell, Janine Carter of Quad City, Iowa; nephew, Brad Phelps of Cedar Rapid, Iowa; cousin, Chris Larson of California; grandson, Chucky Coffman of Centerville, Iowa; great grandchildren, Colton and Klaton Coffman of Centerville, Iowa; grandson, Tyler Davis of Springville, Iowa; Aunt, Francis Pauley of Trenton, Missouri; and his beloved dog, Hunter.

He was preceded in death by his father, John Davis; aunts, Gert Bott, Virginia Johnson, Charlee Harper McHorter, Bette Johnson; uncles, Blair Bott, Bobby Johnson, Billy Johnson; cousin, Diane Brittell; grandfather, Loyal Johnson; grandmother, Grace E. Pauley; Mr. and Mrs. Wade Pauley and Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Pauley.

John worked hard all his life and was a jack of all trades. He worked at Rubbermaid, done welding and landscaping, auto mechanics, construction, carwash, railroad worker,  and an all around handyman.

He was a member of theFOE1839, NRA, North American Fishing Club, and the Handy Man Club.

John’s wishes were to be cremated, there will be no public services.

We all miss you dearly! Go fly with the Eagles John B. and we will see you again in the Spirit World!