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Clark County Election Results

Clark County will have two new County Commissioners following the November 6 elections.  Democrat Paul Brotherton, who defeated Roger Sedore in the August primary, was unopposed on the ballot.  Brotherton got 1515 votes for the Western District race.

Republican Henry Dienst ousted Democrat Jerry

Neyens 754-505 for the Eastern District Commissioner’s seat.

Sheriff Paul Gaudette (R) held off a challenge from Daron Digger Dalton 1934-1287.  Gaudette will remain Clark County’s sheriff.

Gloria Ann Hodge (R) narrowly defeated Dixie Reginnitter (D) for the office of Public Administrator by a 1290-1242 margin.  Write in candidate Ronda Kirchner received 547 votes.

Donna Oilar (D) was unopposed for Assessor.  She received 2644 votes.

Ed Wilson (R) was unopposed for Coroner.  Wilson received 2898 votes.

Kevin Flood (R) was unopposed for Surveyor.

If Clark County were to decide the President of the United States, Mitt Romney would have won 1730-1398.  Full state election results will be posted on Wednesday.