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Reward Offered For Killing of Bald Eagle

Clark County Conservation Agent Rudd Binsbacher is currently investigating the killing of an adult American Bald Eagle that was discovered in Clark County. A passing motorist on Route H south of Kahoka noticed the bird on Thursday, November 1st, who then contacted Binsbacher.
At the time, the motorist was unsure of the species of bird-only that it was large and black and had thought in passing they had seen a patch of white. Responding to the call, Agent Binsbacher discovered the body of an adult eagle.
Agent Binsbacher stated, “This makes the second eagle killed in Clark County and because this was an adult, there was no way someone could mistake it for a hawk, which is also illegal to kill. Because of the proximity to the roadway, I checked to make sure that the eagle had not been struck by vehicle, but upon checking the bird out it was obvious that it had in fact been shot. If anyone has any information on the shooting of the eagle, I would ask them to contact me at 660-341- 1595 or the Missouri Department of Conservation Operation Game Thief  # – 1-800-992 –1111. All calls will remain anonymous. A substantial reward is being offered for information on the killing of an eagle”

This American Bald Eagle was found shot near Route H in Clark Counyt on November 1. A reward is offered for information on the shooting.