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Tin Roof Torn From Building On The Edina Town Square – Photos

By Echo Menges

A roof was torn off one of the buildings on the south side of the Edina Town Square after severe weather and high winds blew into Knox County Sunday night, May 19, 2013. The mangled tin roof ended up on southwest corner the Knox County Courthouse lawn. Debris was strewn clear up to the front steps of the courthouse and debris from a nearby building littered the sidewalk and streets below.

“We don’t know which building it came off of. There are two or three tin roofs on that side of the square. We won’t know which building it came off of until someone gets up there and looks at it,” said Edina Police Chief Roger Waibel who was on duty during the storm. “There was a lot of it lying on the highway along with some of the old clay tiles from the top of the building. MoDot had to come into town and clean it off the road.”

The top of the corner building, known to locals as “the old Fisher building,” sustained damage during the storm and bricks were strewn along the sidewalk and in the gutters along the southeast corner of Highway 6 and Main Streets.

“Then we had a live power line down on the other side of town by Marion and Campbell,” said Chief Waibel, “and a huge tree split in half in (the southeast section of town). It got pretty wild there for a while.”

As far as it is known no one in Knox County was injured during the storm.

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Fisher BuildingFallen BricksRoof Blown OffRoof Blown Off 3Roof Blown Off 4Roof Blown Off 2