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St. Joseph Church Fire Official Cause: Undetermined

By Echo Menges

According to Edina Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Tom Morgret the official cause of the fire at the St. Joseph Catholic Church in Edina on Thursday, August 15, 2013, is “undetermined.”

According to Assistant Chief Morgret an undetermined cause means the cause of the fire could be anything and nothing has been ruled out.

“They just don’t know,” said Morgret on Friday morning, August 23, 2013. “This is the first time I’ve run into anything like this.”

According to Larry Clark, who is the church’s Construction Supervisor, an investigation into the cause of the fire is in the process of being conducted by the church’s insurance companies and an insurance adjuster is in the process of determining the amount of damage to the church and how much it will cost to fix it.

“It’s our hope that they can determine the cause of the fire,” said Clark. “We need to know what caused the fire is so that if there’s preventative measures we need to take we need to know what those are.”