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Letter to the Editor

I like answers and, when I am told that the questions that I ask are none of my business, then I really want the answers.

Question #1: When did the KCCDC (Knox County Community Development Corporation) become a private organization and no longer had to answer for the money in its coffers?

Question #2: When was it decided by the KCCDC Board to stop using the initial grant money for upgrading and startup businesses?

Question #3: Where has the money been all these years until it was decided to give a sizable donation to the Knox County Community Center?

Question #4: When the KCCDC decided to purchase the Edina Country Club building from the City to bail out the bank and local merchants so that there would be no hard feelings did anyone but myself see a conflict of interest? Who were the bankers, City Council members and KCCDC Board members at that time? Now it is proven that the KCCDC only owns the building contents, yet why are they continually pouring money into a building that is generating no income?

Please start asking questions!

I sit on the outside of the City and I feel like Alice looking down the rabbit hole. I hear the citizens of Edina complain about the City. You are dissatisfied with the streets, you are dissatisfied with the water rates, you are dissatisfied with the City Council. In simple words you are dissatisfied.

The people of Edina have a chance at this time to start making some changes. You have until 5:00 p.m. this Tuesday, January 19, 2016, to file for Mayor. Please think about trying to help your city.


Dee Stauffer