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SCAM ALERT: The IRS Does Not Call To Collect Past Due Taxes!

scam alert  As tax season begins the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office is once again receiving calls from Lewis County residents who have received telephone calls from scammers posing as the IRS.  In some instances the scammer acts as an IRS agent attempting to collect past due taxes.  The scammer has also threatened an arrest of the person if they do not pay the past due taxes.  The scammer has even stated they will contact the local Sheriff to have the person taken into custody.

Residents are reminded that the IRS will not call you seeking past due taxes.  The IRS will contact you in writing.  Also please be reminded there is no such thing as debtor’s prison.  Missouri law enforcement has no authority to arrest someone for failure to pay past due taxes.  This is generally considered a civil matter and only arises to a criminal issue if you have attempted to evade paying taxes.  If it were a criminal matter there would probably be written correspondence first and then a representative of law enforcement would make personal contact.

Residents should simply hang up the telephone if you receive this type of call.  If you are concerned you are encouraged to then contact your accountant, tax preparer or local law enforcement agent.