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LaBelle City Council Open Business Meeting Minutes Draft and Notes

City of LaBelle LaBelle City Council Open Business Meeting Minutes Draft

and Notes  from Reporter, Emilie Rumble

On January 11, 2016, The LaBelle Board of Aldermen met in open session on  January 11, 2016, at 7:00 p.m. at City Hall. Mayor Amy Turpin presided at the meeting.  Mayor Amy Turpin declared that a quorum was present and called the meeting to order.

  Aldermen Present:   Roger Scott, Roy Lewis, Jesse Rogers, Justin Parrish and Paul Harvey.

  Alderman Absent:   Christopher Parrish (REPORTER’S NOTE: City Clerk Wendy Lewis – absent)

  City Personnel Present:  Diana Sparrow- City Collector

  Others Present:  Sindey Doscher, and Emilie Rumble, Echo and Crystal Dunton

  Approval of Agenda:  Alderman Rogers motioned to add Echo Dunton to the agenda and approve the agenda as presented. Alderman Justin Parrish seconded the motion. The motion passed with a vote: Aye-5, Nay-0.

  Guests: Emilie Rumble discussed beautification and house improvements. She also addressed her concerns about horses within the city limits.  (REPORTER’S NOTE: Rumble specifically addressed the LaBelle City Council regarding old business as to why donated monetary awards were presented to citizens/contestants for improvements in 2015, why improvements were being made to sewer and water, and yet the City is being allowed to turn into a “barn lot” with multiple horse/animal lots kept in lots around the city. 

  Rumble specifically addressed the city about 411 S. 5th Street, a half block that has been fenced in with 3-4 horses on the property.  The former owners of the property (Rumble’s parents) spent more than twenty years making improvements on the half block property by tearing down old buildings, mowing, weeding and planting trees, shrubs, beautiful bushes and flowers.

  The 411 S. 5th property in LaBelle is being tramped to mud with piles of manure washing into the ditches south and north of the property onto other properties.  Rumble noted that a horse produced between 35 and 50 pounds of manure daily and approximately 9 liters of urine a day with 3-4 horses producing between 100-200 pounds of manure. At least two of the horses at 411 S. 5th have gotten loose onto other property.  

  Rumble also noted that in 2015, another property just one block east from City Hall had been complained about by a resident at a City Council meeting because of waste run off due to excessive rain onto his property where his children played.

    There are several horse lots within the City limits of LaBelle and not one member of the City Council commented or spoke to Rumble about her concerns.

  City Park Girl Scout Gold Award Project: Girl Scout Echo Dunton and her mother Crystal discussed and presented a new park project to help improve the LaBelle Park. Echo gave her Gold Award presentation and asked the Board to approve it. After discussion Alderman Harvey made a motion to approve the project. Alderman Justin Parrish seconded the motion. The motion passed with a vote of: Aye-5, Nay-0. (REPORTER’S NOTE: Mayor Amy Turpin advised the Council that she had spoken with Dunton prior to the Council meeting and that she would be a mentor for Dunton’s “Park Improvements Project” which would include a focus on childhood health for new equipment (merry-go-round, spring rides, sand digger, tether ball, climbing structure, new benches, metal picnic tables, bike racks, concrete trash cans, BBQ pits and landscaping going to local businesses and asking for donations to purchase playground equipment to make the improvements. Dunton advised The LaBelle City Council that the cost for these improvements would be about $13,508 and she is hoping for a grant to cover the big playground structure. 

  Approval of December 14, 2015 Open Meeting Minutes:  Alderman Justin Parrish motioned to approve the December 14, 2015 Open Meeting Minutes as written. Alderman Lewis seconded the motion. The motion passed with a vote of: Aye-5, Nay-0.

Financial Report: The monthly financial reports were presented and studied.

  Bills for Approval: Bills for the month were presented and studied. Alderman Justin Parrish motioned to pay all bills. Alderman Lewis seconded the motion. The motion was passed with a vote of:  Aye- 5, Nay-0.

Water Usage Report: The monthly water usage report was presented and studied.

  Collector’s Report: The City Collector’s Report was presented and studied.  (Reporter’s Note: Dianna Sparrow reported that between 75-80% of City taxes are paid.)

Unfinished Business: Collector’s Computer Upgrade: Dianna Sparrow reported that her new computer is up and running smoothly.

  New Business: Water Issues: The board discussed property water leaks and how to recoup losses in the future.

  Mayor Report: Mayor Turpin challenged each board member to come up with an area of town that would benefit from a grant.

REPORTER’S NOTE: In Old Business the Mayor noted that the Security System for City Hall is on hold at the moment and she asked the question, “What do we want to do with the American Legion building?”

With no further discussion Alderman Scott made a motion to adjourn the meeting and Alderman Harvey seconded the motion. Motion passed with a vote of Aye-5, Nay-0. Meeting adjourned at 7:57pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

Minutes by Wendy Lewis

City Clerk

Mayor Amy Turpin

Date Approved