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Edina City Council Meeting on May 9, 2016 VIDEO with Time Codes

Scroll down for time codes.

Time Codes are approximate.

00:00:00 = hours:minutes:seconds

Call to Order 00:00:00


Pledge of Allegiance 00:01:40

Collector’s Report 00:13:20

Treasurer’s Report 00:15:00

Monthly Bills 00:17:50

Citizens Comments:

John Bode 00:19:53

Clay Talton

Department Reports

Ty Parrish, Utilities Supervisor discusses trash pickup, light at city barn, potholes, new mower 00:52:00

Mike Wriedt, Wastewater Superintendent

Kisha Goodwin, Police Department Report 01:22:50

Mark Bross, Klingner & Associates discusses sewer project, pay requests 1:35:14

KCPC Request for Picnic License 02:35:00

Appointment/Approval City Staff 2:35:50

Alderman Comments: Brush Pile Closed, New Stop Sign

Go into closed meeting (end of video)