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Impersonating a Police Officer Incident in Monroe County

MCSO – July 19, 2016 – The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office received a call last night in reference to a person impersonating an officer.

A young lady on her way home was pulled over about three-miles west of Madison on Hwy 24 by a vehicle (possibly a Nissan) with red/blue flashing lights in the dash of the vehicle.

The person approaching her vehicle was wearing beige khaki shorts, a dark colored long sleeve shirt and a dark colored ball cap.

The victim rolled her window down enough to talk and when she realized the suspect was not an officer, she drove off quickly and went straight home.

Officers from Monroe and Randolph counties searched for the suspect vehicle.

If you are pulled over by an unmarked car/ officer not in uniform, you may keep your doors locked and crack your window only enough to speak through.

Ask for identification from the officer and call 911 with your location.