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25th Annual Parade Of Champions Planned For October 8


The 25th anniversary of Parade of Champions will be an exciting day filled with field shows, a parade, alumni participation and the stars of the day, the marching bands.

Marching band fans will have a chance to see over twenty-four bands in action at the 25th Annual Parade of Champions parade and field show competition at Kahoka, MO on Saturday, October 8, 2015.

The competition, sponsored by the Clark County R-1 Fine Arts Boosters, will begin with the parade, starting at 2:00 p.m.  Fifteen bands including CCR-1 Middle and High School bands will participate in the parade.

“This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Parade of Champions,” commented Kari Bevans, president of the Fine Arts Boosters, “To help commemorate this special event, former Clark County R-1 marching band members have been invited to participate in an alumni band.  The alumni band will perform with the current Clark County band, on the field, at the conclusion of the field show competition.  In addition, alumni will participate in the parade as a walking unit.”

The field show competition will start at 5:00 p.m. at the CCR-1 activity field. Eleven bands will be participating in the competition.  Local fans will enjoy exhibition performances by the CCR-1 Middle School band, the CCR-1 Marching Indians and CCR-1 alumni.

Schools scheduled to appear in the parade are Highland High School, Scotland County High School, Canton High School, Canton Junior High School, Adair County R-1, Mark Twain High School, Centralia High School, Hannibal High School and the CCR-1 Middle School and High Schools from Missouri; Warsaw High School and Quincy High School from Illinois; Fort Madison High School, Pekin High School and Davis County Junior High from Iowa.

Bands competing in the field show competition are Highland High School, Hannibal High School, Scotland County High School, Mark Twain High School and Centralia High School in Missouri; Warsaw High School, Illini West High School and Quincy High School in Illinois; Pekin High School, Mount Pleasant High School and Ft Madison High School in Iowa.

“We welcome the other schools and look forward to enjoying their shows and musical talents,” said Bevans.

Some of the field show programs that will be performed are “Star Wars” by Scotland County High School, Ft. Madison High School will be performing “Ludlow”, Hannibal will be playing selections from “Avatar”.  Illini West will perform their show “Aerodynamics” and Pekin High School’s show is “The Uprising”.  Highland High School will perform “Pulse: The Art of Movement”, and Mount Pleasant High School will play selections from the Broadway show “Pippen”. Quincy High School will play music from “Fiddler on the Roof”.

Clark County High School will perform their field show “Theme-Selections from Cirque Du Soleil”, as an exhibition.

“I continue to be amazed at how smooth everything runs each year,” said Bob Dooley, CCR-1 High School music instructor. “That is thanks to our parents and volunteers.  It couldn’t be done without them.”

Winners of the parade and field show competitions will be selected on performance of music, marching precision, auxiliary units, and overall presentation.  Special overall awards will be given to the best wind section, best percussion section, best auxiliary unit, best field commander, and best overall or the Sweepstakes Award.

“Parade of Champions is the largest fundraiser for the fine arts program at Clark County High School.  Over the years the event has raised over a quarter of a million dollars,” stated Bevans, “Funds have been used to purchase equipment and numerous instruments.  Proceeds from the Parade of Champions have also helped support marching band trips with trips that have provided hundreds of students the opportunity to perform all over the continental United States and Hawaii.  This is our biggest fundraiser for the Fine Arts Boosters.”

Sweatshirts, T-shirts, concessions, and souvenir programs will all be available for purchase.  Admission will be charged for the field show competition.

“Parade of Champions is a wonderful day for our students to perform for their parents and the community,” stated Dooley.

“The Parade of Champions committee welcomes all to Kahoka to witness some of the area’s finest marching bands.  Over the past 25 years, 43 different bands have participated in the field show competition and over 55 bands have marched in the parade, many of which have participated for multiple years,” added Bevans.