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MFA Oil Foundation Awards Grant To The Shelbina Police Department

By Marlana Smith


The MFA Oil Foundation awarded a $2,000 grant to the Shelbina Police Department on Friday morning, December 1.

The grant will assist with purchasing an in-car camera system for the SPD K9 vehicle. According to information in a press release from MFA Oil, they provide support to nonprofit organizations that are working to improve communities where MFA Oil has a significant concentration of members and employees.

β€œIt will help officers against faulty complaints. Also if I sit somebody in my car and he tells me something, then I can go back and replay that and put it in word for word in my report. It will also help with violations,” said Shelbina Police Department Captain Cole Hinshaw.

According to Hinshaw there are three cameras, one inside the car, and two facing forward, one of which is panoramic. Two of the police cars have the high definition cameras, and Hinshaw said their hopes are for all the cars to have them.

Since it was established in 1998, the MFA Oil Foundation has awarded more than one million dollars in grants.

MFA Oil President and CEO Mark Fenner described the MFA Oil Foundation as β€œa program that allows our company to give support back to the rural communities that are the foundations of our business. The grants the Foundation awards help support many youth programs and organizations active in addressing and solving community problems and improving the quality of life.”