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Here We Go Again – Another Building Deemed Dangerous on the Edina Town Square VIDEOS

The Edina Town Square has taken center stage again, after another historic building has been deemed dangerous by the Edina Police Chief.

Chief Ryan Bishop was on hand Tuesday morning, March 27, 2018, overseeing the closure of public parking and and a section of sidewalk on Edina’s South Main Street and a portion of East Lafayette Street/Highway 6.

The sections have been closed and marked with yellow caution tape after it was determined south facing windows shattered and a large crack widened at 302 East Lafayette Street overnight following a round of heavy rain and wind.

The building is not occupied.

The historic Edina building is located on the southwest corner of the Edina Town Square just a few dozen yards from a recently demolished building site, which was also deemed dangerous by the Edina Police Chief in 2016. That building, 100 South Main Street, was partially demolished in the spring of 2016, but sat idle until just a few weeks ago when a portion of the north facing wall collapsed and fell onto East Lafayette Street/Highway 6 setting in motion the recent emergency demolition project by the City of Edina.

Other visible changes to 302 East Lafayette Street include shifting and bulging bricks in at least two places on the west facing wall of the structure.

Live streamed videos by Echo Menges immediately following the closure of the sidewalk and public parking area can be viewed below.

More information will be given as it becomes available.

Posted Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at 12:10 p.m.

YouTube Live Stream Below (Scroll Down for Facebook Live Stream)