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Four Items Of Property Stolen In Leonard

By Marlana Smith


Two residents were affected by theft on Thursday morning, August 30, at 3:30 a.m., in Leonard.

Jim and Donna Belt, had a 1996 220 Bayou Kawasaki four wheeler stolen from their home.

Jim said, “It [four wheeler] was under a carport just 25 yards behind [west] my house. The four wheeler is a bluish green color and there are new mud flaps on it.”

Belt said he never heard it running and said it looked like the four wheeler was pushed through his neighbor’s yard (north of their home) because you could see where the grass was pushed down.

“The four wheeler is kind of loud. I went and talked to my neighbor, Jarrell Foreman, and he said he never heard the four wheeler either,” said Belt.

Also, a 2005 Maroon Chevy pickup was stolen from their warehouse east of their home as well.

Belt added, “I’ve lived in Leonard for 53 years and never thought this would happen.”

That same morning, at the home of Brandon Runyon, a white 2001 Chevy pickup and a homemade trailer was stolen.

According to information released by Shelby County Sheriff Dennis Perrigo, the trailer had tools – grinders, dolly hand tools on it and welding equipment had also been stolen.

Perrigo confirmed that there was evidence that an attempt to steal a Corvette, owned by Steven and Gina Peoples, was made. Perrigo said that he didn’t know where the tow rope was located, but he knew that there was a tow rope there.

Perrigo said, “Don’t leave your keys in your vehicle, because that gives someone an open opportunity to steal them.”