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Knox County JV Girls Resume Play in January

By David Sharp

The December 19, 2018 Edina Sentinel contained a story, published on Page 9, which had incorrect information. The story headline read in part that the (remainder of) Knox County JV (Girls) Season would be cancelled. That is not what Lady Eagle coach Kelsea Dorsey told the Edina Sentinel.
The story body contained a paragraph to that effect. This reporter was informed that the Lady Eagles would resume their JV girls slate on January 14, 2019.
The digital voice recorder used during postgame interviews after the Knox County at Westran games did not reproduce the word “after” very well, as in “resume after the Christmas Break on January 14”.
This reporter and the company that publishes the Edina Sentinel regrets the error. We accept full responsibility for any confusion this incorrect information may have caused and apologize to Coach Dorsey for misquoting her.