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Our Community Cares and Reaches Out to Help Others

HELPING OTHERS—Helping out at this year’s Back To School Fair were: Blaine Wardlow, Susan Sheffler, Kaleb Nixon, Breanna Lee, Madison Wardlow, and Camryn Lee.

By Denise Shannon

Inside of our little community, there are people that have taken their own time to help others that are in need.

Recently, I had the chance to interview a person who has been helping within our community for eight years now, with a special event called, the Back to School Fair, that was recently held on Aug. 9th, 2019.  This person is Susan Sheffler.  Other workers that were involved with this Back to School Fair were: Breanna Lee, Camryn Lee, Niki Wardlow, Madison Wardlow, Kaleb Nixon, Teresa Ferguson.

Other people brought their talents to help with the community as well. The Fair provided the children with the opportunity to get their hair cut, receive some band-aids in case of an accidental cut or scratch, get their eyes checked, or even to join the Boy Scouts if they wanted.  All of these people have they taken their own time helping these children, and do so every year, and it is very appreciated.

The Back to School Fair was presented to help the kids within our community, in hopes that they would get all the school supplies that they would need for the upcoming school year.  A total of around 200 kids that were signed up this year.  Last year there was a total of 250 kids, and the year before that was 300 kids.

This event was first held by Community Action, and then it was run by the Domestic Violence team, and now it is currently being done by Susan Sheffler, who said “that she will continue going on with providing school supplies for those in the community who need them for as long as she can.”

When asked why she does this for the community, Sheffler answered, “I think that every child should have what they need, and if not it’s up to the community to help them.”

“If the community would communicate more with each other with the local places such as DFS, school personnel, and with the law enforcement, this could help everyone know who needs help in the community and they would be able to help those in a time of need. Example, if there are children needing clothes, one does not even have to put names out there, just sizes of clothing or whatever is needed and for what gender is needed.  This could help our community this way,” she said

She is very thankful to all who attended and donated.

Many donations given for this cause.  One huge donation was given in honor of Ella Wirsig, Jerry Neyens, and Amah Lou Schreiber.  Other people involved in donating were: CC Ministers Association, St. Paul Church, Amazing Grace Church, Kahoka State Bank, Kahoka Presbyterian Church, St. Micheal’s Catholic Church, Kahoka Chamber of Commerce, Shrine of St. Patrick, Wilson’s Funeral Home, Dolores Kinkeade, Tim Bertram, Dawn Hesse, First Baptist Church, Peaksville Christian Church, CC Health Department, VFW, Teresa Ferguson, Shawn and Roberta McAfee, Ruth Brotherton, Jessica Mutchler, Karen Tuttle, Tina Schulze, Connie Phillips, Ty Sharify, and Steve Parker.

If there are any families that need school supplies, Susan would like you to please call 660-342-8782 and she will get you a bag of supplies.