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Water Supply District Plagued by Water Main Breaks

State Highway V north of Knox City

State Highway V north of Knox City

State Highway V north of Knox City

State Highway V north of Knox City

Knox County, Missouri – Thursday, September 5, 2019 – 6:00 p.m. – There are more water woes for the customers of the Knox County Public Water Supply District No. 1 who are being fed by the Knox City water tower.

According to KCPWSD Manager Gary Mallett, two more water main breaks were fixed today – not including the water main break from yesterday on the south side of Knox City.

Thursday’s water main breaks were located west and north of Knox City and contributed to some customers in the Knox City area being without water over the two-day period.

It is not clear when the mains broke or when exactly they were fixed. Information is coming slowly from the KCPWSD. Currently, a possible new leak is being investigated, according to Mallett.

“We’ve got it on,” said Mallett late Thursday afternoon. “We’re getting pretty low pressure and the nursing home still doesn’t have water. We’re trying to figure out why. We may have another leak.”

Mallett reports water was restored overnight, however, several customers reported to The Edina Sentinel they have been without water since early Wednesday.

The Knox County R-1 School District canceled afternoon classes after having running water for less than one hour in the morning. When water was not restored by noon, the Superintendent decided to send the students home for the day. 

“We didn’t have any water when we got here this morning. It came on for about 30-minutes and it’s been off ever since,” said KCR-1 Superintendent Andy Turgeon.

During the school day, students and staff were unable to flush the toilets, turn on the faucets in the sinks or use the drinking fountains. Drinking water bottles were supplied to students and staff and hand sanitizer bottles were stocked in all of the bathrooms. The school lunch menu was also altered and students and staff received an alternative sack lunch, before being dismissed early for the day.

“When the water comes back on, the toilets will probably be clogged because some of them are packed with toilet paper and other stuff,” said a student. “It’s pretty gross.”

Across the street at the Knox County Nursing Home, which has also been mostly without water since early Wednesday morning, water is being brought in by the bucket to flush the toilets. 

A 300-gallon water tank was loaned to the KCNH from the Edina Farm & Home store and is being used hold water brought in from Edina. The nursing home staff is transporting non-potable water from the tank into the nursing home. 

The nursing home had bottled drinking water on hand before their water service was lost and received more water bottles from the KCPWSD on Wednesday.

The Knox County Emergency Management Director Kurt Goodwin reported an Edina firetruck was taken to the nursing home full of water to be used for non-consumption purposes late Thursday afternoon.

Currently, the nursing home is operating at full capacity with 40 residents. At peak, there are roughly 35 employees on the property, according to the KCNH Administrator Tim Schrage.

It is unknown when water or water pressure will be restored to KCPWSD customers in the Knox City area, the KCR-1 School District or the Knox County Nursing Home.

Mallett has agreed to notify The Edina Sentinel when water is restored.

This post will be updated when more information is available.