Knox County Courthouse Closes to Walk-In Visitors

Edina, MO – Friday, March 20, 2020, the Knox County Courthouse is closing to walk-in visitors effective immediately. County business will continue to be conducted by courthouse staff. The public is asked to utilize electronic and phone communications.


“We decided today to limit traffic through the courthouse. We’re closing the doors down to visitors and requesting everyone to utilize the telephone and email to conduct their business. We are encouraging everyone to do as much business as possible online and by telephone. We are going to continue to conduct county business and serve our constituents as best we can during these trying times. We know this is going to cause some inconvenience. I appreciate the public’s effort to support us and each other,” said Knox County Presiding Commissioner Evan Glasgow.

Knox County Offices

County Commission  

Meetings held Monday & Friday 8:30AM-NOON

Presiding Commissioner – Evan Glasgow

email: [email protected]

Eastern District Commissioner – Ronnie Leckbee

email: [email protected]

Western District Commissioner – Roger Parton

email: [email protected]

Phone: 660-397-2688

Fax: 660-397-2642

For Sever Lake Camping and Hunting Permits please email Michelle at [email protected]


Anita James

Phone: 660-397-4002

Fax: 660-397-2672

[email protected]

Circuit Clerk  

Roma March

Phone: 660-397-2305

Fax: 660-397-3331

E-mail: [email protected]

Associate Division  

Judge Tom Redington



Brent Karhoff



[email protected]

You may now pay your taxes with a credit card online.

County Clerk  

Marlene Spory

660-397-2184 – Fax: 660-397-2642

[email protected]

Prosecuting Attorney  

Corey Moon

107 N 4th St. Ste B

Edina, MO 63537

Phone: 660-397-2658 Fax: 660-397-2666

E-mail: [email protected]

***Please note: The Prosecutor’s office has a new email, phone and fax numbers. Also, our office is now located in the Knox County Courthouse.

County Recorder  

Audrey Hamlin

Phone: 660-397-4005 Fax: 660-397-2671

e-mail: [email protected]


Donnie Davis

phone: 660-397-3364

fax: 660-397-3331

E-mail: [email protected]


Alan Rimer

Phone: 660-216-2220

Fax: 660-397-2234

Email: [email protected]

Public Administrator  

Theresa L.Hamlin

PO Box 206

Edina, MO 63537

Phone: 660-341-8272

Fax: 660-397-2234

[email protected]


Allen Gudehus

Phone: 660-397-2186

Fax: 660-397-3432

[email protected]